CaddyTek The Explorer Version 8 Silver

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The SuperLite 4 wheel Explorer golf cart weights less than 14 lbs and can be folded in 2 simple steps to compact size for easy storage in car trunks before or after your round of golf. The 10.5″ rear and 9.5″ front wheels make it roll easily in the high grass. Golfers can push the cart effortlessly on all terrain with the stable 4-wheel design, multiple handle positions, and smooth-rolling ball-bearing wheels.
The CaddyTek Explore is equipped with features that most golfers want, including an umbrella holder, a scorecard holder with a storage compartment, a beverage holder, and the mesh net basket on the handle. Version 8 also comes with the patented miscellaneous basket with a built-in cooler. The new clamp-type golf bag holder secures any size/type golf bag easily and conveniently. Rain or shine, cart your clubs around the green in style, and enjoy the game!


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CaddyTek SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart, Version 8Model: The Explorer V8Patented simple 2 latched mechanism folds the cart to a compact size (175′ x 13.4’x 24′) in 2 simple steps.

Strong aluminum frame, weighs less than 15 lbs.

A new clamp-type bag holder secures any size and type of golf bag easily and conveniently.

Large 9.5′ x 2.5′ Rear and 8.5′ x2.3′ Front EVA maintenance-free wheels provide perfect balance and traction on all types of terrain

25.5″ wide body design for effortless pushing

The distance between the two front wheels can be adjusted from 11.5 to 12.5 inches to fit any size of a golf bag and add stability.

Patented miscellaneous basket with a built-in cooler.

Front-wheel alignment system built-in.

Foot brake included

Umbrella holder included

Scorecard holder integrated with storage compartment, cell phone/GPS, beverage holder, and mesh net

85 reviews for CaddyTek The Explorer Version 8 Silver

  1. Justin Yim

    Awesome Push cart

    I love this push cart, I thought it would be complicated to unfold/fold after each round but I was wrong. You do it once and you’ll never have to think about it again, its super easy to remember and intuitive. I love the stability and all of the attachment options as well, I recommend everyone get this one and will buy again for my dad once his gives out.

  2. Christopher P. Woehle

    love it

    Husband loves it. Easy to assemble.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This cart is compact, light and very functional. …

    This cart is compact, light and very functional. I was surprised to find the card even batter than how it looked on the screen. My wife loves this cart and, as a result, she play more golf now.

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  4. John

    Easy to fold and compact when folded

    This is a great pushcart. Simple to fold and fits in any trunk or SUV. Has a descent storage bag and drink holder.

  5. Craig Fischer

    Well made and easy to store

    I’ve found this cart to be very easy to open and fold up. When folded it is smaller than I expected and easy to carry and store. The construction is solid and it’s easy to maneuver on the course. I would love to have a better place to hold the pencil but all in all I’m extremely happy with it.

  6. Jack

    Great push cart

    As advertised, works well and folds up easy, though it does not fit in my trunk with the golf bag.

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  7. Michael Anchustegui

    Amazing Value!

    I bought this push cart to use during my Men’s League matches. I’ve only used the cart once, but I couldn’t be happier with it. It comes with minimal assembly required (installing the larger rear wheels), easy to set up and break down, has plenty of storage for drinks, tees, golfballs, and my bag rides securely when pushing it. It’s very light, but doesn’t feel cheap, and it rolls very smoothly. The phone holder puts my phone in an easy place to track my score and get distances. I’ll be recommending this cart to all my friends who are wanting a push cart.

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  8. Clive G. Peters

    Great product

    Caddying.My General Manager asked me to purchase. He’s totally satisfied so far. He has no complaints

  9. Matthew Crowley

    Very compact when folded, bad cupholder

    Pros:Compact when folded upEasy to push/lightweightEasy to maneuverSwivel on the umbrella holderCooler and multiple storage areasCenter and lower strap to secure the bagPhone holder near handle for easy accessHandle adjusts for different push heights, though if you’re REALLY tall it might be a bit low.Cons:Flimsy cup holderUmbrella holder does not store wellOverall the cart is amazing and I have no real complaints other than the cup holder being a bit flimsy. The cup holder can hold my big Yeti but if you hit some big bumps it might pop the cup out or turn over.Highly recommend.

  10. Brandon Fernando

    Great purchase!

    Exceeded my expectations! So easy to assemble, lightweight and easily adjustable.

  11. Erin Wilson

    Ultimate DINK stroller

    Baby you clubs, baby! Easy to push, drives straight, no lifting of the bag every hit. Good storage bag. Only complaint is the cup holder is a bit chintzy, I wish it had a gryo so the beer wouldn’t shake out as you walk, but otherwise this thing is brilliant.

  12. Paul Smithwood

    Really Solid Push Cart

    Great cart, worth the price. Seems to pull a little to the left but other than that it seems very sturdy and well made.

  13. J. Griffin

    Great value. Will not be disappointed

    Shopped around. This seems like a good value and had good ratings. Exceeded my expectations. Very good quality. Easy to assemble. Easy to fold and setup. Works with my stand bag. Very pleased.

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  14. AWOLGolfer

    The best golf cart available!

    I’ve been playing golf and walking the course for a long time. I’ve used a couple of different carts but the best 4 wheel cart is the CaddyTek Explorer V8. It is extremely light, has great maneuverability in all kinds of terrain, a ton of great amenities and all at an extremely reasonable cost. Not only that, their customer service is fabulous. You will not be disappointed with this cart.

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  15. Cody W. Grow

    Great cart for the money

    I purchased this push cart for use on my golf course. I have played 10 rounds so far with the cart and it has met every expectation I had. It is easy to fold/unfold and easy to push around through the grass and up hills. I was a little concerned with the locking arms for the bag, but even rolling it on a slope it held the bag with no issues. Very pleased with the price and performance.

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  16. The Best

    Great Caddy

    Amazing, love this caddy. Easy to open and close, love how compact it is to place in storage or car. Sturdy, I don’t have to worry about my son’s golf bag falling over, easy for him to maneuver on the course to play with his school team. Love the compartments, very nice, great umbrella holder, big sturdy. Love the extra cord to hold your bag. My son has a huge Callaway big bertha bags, so heavy for him to carry, this is great. Love how we can adjust the wheels to accommodate for bag size. We didn’t have to adjust at all for our huge bag. Perfect. Love the lined zippered bag snacks, etc. I like the simple brake vs other caddies. Great caddy for a middle schooler or Adult. I Will update the review at a later date. It does have a small new plastic smell, airing outside. I have severe allergies and nothing a good airing out won’t handle. Not as bad as some other reviews have stated. I’ve had a lot worse, this is normal, and not a problem. Would recommend.

  17. Virginian

    Light-weight, easily foldable, and portable even in a small car

    The cart is light, and has several pockets including the bag near rear wheels, to hold towel and snacks. As a 67 year old, I find it easy to handle and maneuver on the golf course.

  18. Vicki Campos-Hamilton

    Great deal for your $

    I’ve used this a handful of times now. Instructions suck – you’re better off watching you tube reviews – there is one guy who shows exactly how to open and close it. After an hours of trying to decipher drawings in the booklet, you tube guy walks you right through it perfectly. Love all the features on it. Cup holder is ok but it holds all of my water bottles including my large 30 oz one. The only thing I would like to see improved is the little “bag” underneath. I bring two water bottles and one goes under (in the open one, not the spot where you can put hot/cold items – handy BTW). You really can’t put much there as it will fall out. Brake works just fine. Love the fact you can adjust alignment, which take some time to perfect but once it’s good, you’re all set!

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  19. Jared

    Great for disc golf

    I bought this for disc golf and it works great despite not being used for its intended purpose.Even with a lighter weighted disc golf bag on a woody/gravel patched course it never tipped over once.Instructions were lacking but make sure to release the light gray locks. go slow at first. It will basically fall open easily if done correctly.Other than that, it’s a really handy cart. Sturdy, adjustable, folds up small enough fo fit easily in a Honda Civic. If it holds up for a year it’s an easy buy.

  20. Roger Mcginnis

    Golf cart

    Cart holds bag in good position to access and return clubs. Easy to maneuver and very stable.

  21. Cale

    Great to use as a disc golf bag holder

    I use a Grip AX5- the biggest bag ever made for disc golf lol (not true but this thing is a beast). This cart handles it like a champ! One thing- you need to flip the “arms” of the cart upside down by removing them first so the bag can hang on them. After using a “pull” cart i needed something easier to push around the course. This thing is awesome.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Fits my cart bag and saves your back

    Folding this cart isnt too bad, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Other than that this cart is nice! My large cart bag fit after I extended the wheels out, cart pushes nicely and is super sturdy.

  23. DataMangler

    Light and quick setup

    Just walked 18 with this cart and the setup was super easy. Two movements gets this thing to full size. Held my bag perfectly without modification. Love the insulated pouch for cold drinks (beer).

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  24. John

    Great product. I never give reviews. This is good product.

    This cart is very strong! It folds up really small for a cart. Fits easily in my trunk. Rolls really smooth. I never give reviews but the product is very good. I definitely recommend it to someone looking for a push/pull cart.

  25. Clarissa M

    The walking cart you want and need to get

    I love this cart. Bought for my sons who always walk. He assembled it in under 5 minutes, folds up and assembled like a dream. Cannot believe I was able to get them one this nice. Folds up more compact than the older two wheelers we have. Caddytek is a game changer for us. Arrived quickly and very well packaged. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  26. Keith Isaac

    Great Golf Push Cart

    I waited several months before writing this review. I am very happy with the cart. It holds my bag without issues, easy to fold and unfold, and easy to push. I love the extra bag at the bottom to hold my sand bottle. It is a great addition to my golf game!

  27. Patrick D. Shea

    Compact, easy to fold/unfold = excellent value

    I purchased this golf cart recently after researching several options in different price ranges. My main thing is space, didn’t want the cart to take up too much space when not in use. The 4th wheel in this design makes it easy and more compact than others I looked at prior to purchasing. I’ve used 3-wheel carts previously and they tend to tip very easily on hillsides.Once received, it was easy to assemble and the directions were simple to follow.Highly recommend this cart after using it a couple time already and the storage/cooler pack underneath is a nice added feature, as well. The umbrella and beverage holders are easy on, easy off and well designed to hold up over time.

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  28. Matt BradyMatt Brady

    Great cart but what is this clip for?

    Great cart… does anyone know what the clip circled is for?

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  29. Debra Fiust

    It’s a winner!

    This was a Christmas present. It was a huge hit as the cart has several extras included. It was easily put together. He just has to wait for warm weather to try it out.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Checks all the boxes

    The course I play is 7-8 mile walk depending on how far on or off your game is on a particular day. I choose to walk & this cart checks all the boxes. Compact, easy to open & close, holds everything I need to it to hold & maneuvers around the course with ease, on or off the cart path. Most folks I play & walk with have a 3-wheeler so I was leaning that way as well until I checked the 4-wheel version….no regrets. Lighter & handles great. This one also allows you to change the distance between the front wheels to accomodate the size of your golf bag. Very happy with my purchase after walking behind it for about 100 miles or so.

  31. Scott Carney

    This cart is excellent.

    I am real happy with it. It is sturdy and easy to navigate on the course. Once you learn how to fold and unfold, it is a breeze.

  32. tp

    Great compact golf caddy! Get it..

    Was searching for a foldable caddy to throw in the trunk along with the bag as I want to start walking more. After TONS of research I decided to pull the trigger on this CaddyTek Explorer 8 and couldn’t be happier! Its super light and really easy to handle.. I’m 5’8″ 41 years old in decent shape for reference but I believe my dad could handle this cart no problem. My only gripe is that when it’s folded the main shift doesn’t quite clear the ground so that it can lay completely flat but its not a deal breaker. It seems durable even though its made with alot of plastic. The claw style upper bag grips work well for me (others complain about stability but I have had no issues, plus bungee straps are also included if u want to add them on for extra support). Do yourself a favor and get this if you are in the market for a lightweight compact caddy. One thing to mention is that the little carry compartment does not hold alot, but if you plan on carrying a load then just take a riding cart lol…

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  33. Roger Hoyt McEvoy

    It does it all (except hold my 44 oz. vacuum-insulated cup).

    I read how some bags rubbed on the wheels, and so I was concerned about this cart. But it had all the amenities that I was looking for so I gave it a try. I have a Sun Mountain C-130 (large cart) bag. I have no problem with it rubbing on the wheels. If yours is rubbing, it’s not installed on the cart properly. Id does everything else it says it will do superbly. Very stable, easy to maneuver, and ergonomically adjustable to a comfortable position, regardless of your height. And the break really words well, and is very easy to set and unlock. A huge improvement over previous pull cart. I just wish it had a cup holder that would accommodate my 44 oz.,. vacuum-insulated cup.

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  34. Dave8563

    Caddytek explorer 8 is a fine golf cart

    My Caddytek Explorer 8 push golf cart was definitely a good buy. I was able to assemble it in about 20 minutes. By hitting two levers, it folds down very easily. It has a plastic area to hold a score card, and a larger storage area by the wheels. There is also an umbrella holder that attached to the handle. It has 4 wheels which keeps it balanced.

  35. Buyin Stuff

    Great cart

    I really like this cart. It has a lot of features, sturdy, smooth to push, and totally folds down to a very compact size. I don’t always walk but have used it a few times already and its great.

  36. tedpfohl

    Great birthday gift!

    This was the second iteration of the caddy. Previous one lasted for several years, but you, very pleased with the earlier one. This one is more smooth easy to collapse and set up, travel is extremely well over the course. My wife absolutely enjoys using it.

  37. Judy Waldsmith

    Works great

    It maneuvers really well. The 4 wheels are a great idea. It pushes easily and has a lot of neat pockets and holders. We like it very very much.

  38. Rudy

    Very Nice Cart

    I have been using the cart for several weeks and I have been very pleased with the way it stores away and carries my golf bag. I like just having the bottom elastic strap to secure the bag while the upper adjustable fingers hold it in place very nicely. This is the first four wheel cart I have used and I have played with the adjustment on the front wheels for tracking but I think I now have it aligned correctly. It is easy to adjust but the bag needs to be off the make the adjustment but on to see how it is tracking.I have a fairly large bag so I was having issues with the bag rubbing against the front wheels even with them extended as far out as they would go so I added a couple of inches of styrofoam to the base and that solved the problem.The cart is very stable and easy to push with plenty of storage and folds away easily.

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  39. Reed Burn

    Caddy Tek Explorer V8

    The product is great. Easy o use and compact. I have a very heavy golf bag and with the Caddy Tek, it makes walking a pleasure. The handy cooler bag on the back only hold two beer and has holes to let the water out after the ice melts. This is good and bad. The ice melts fast, but the water never ends up in my truck. A very good product, much better than my old three wheeler.

  40. K Ligon

    Love it

    Love everything about the cart.

  41. fish

    Easy to assemble.

    Dislike – maneuverability a little difficult but expected for a four wheel cart.Likes – cart is light and easy to handle. compartments are easily accessible and useful. Locking mechanisms for folding and unfolding feel durable and will not loosen when in use.

  42. George J.

    Easy to assemble, great quality!

    The instructions for assembly were clear and easy. Did it in 5 min.It is a dream on the course. Saved my back and my shoulders, plus I could carry my drinks, and nik naks for the game. I will get another one for my aging brother. 🙂

  43. Allen

    Great features

    Love all the features caddy trek offers. Storage compartment with insulated storage. Mesh net, umbrella holder, scorecard holder, beverage holder. Looked at lot more expensive 4 wheelers with nothing close to this type of storage. Been using caddy trek push carts for 5 years and have no complaints.

  44. Kindle Customer

    Better tires would be nice, but it works

    I had to purchase this for my daughter. She’s on a high school team and these are mandatory. Good quality, I wish it had better tires, but it is what it is. Price about the same as at Dicks.

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  45. andreas

    Light Weight, High Quality & Great Customer Service

    I needed a push cart for my 9 year old son, who has to push his own golf bag in competitions that he is playing in on our local, hilly course. So “weight” of the trolley was really the most important factor in my research and deciding to make this purchase.And I wasn’t disappointed. He has been borrowing a click gear 3.5+ From his coach and this Caddytek Is significantly lighter, but doesn’t feel any lower from a quality POV.It has all the “accessories” that my son needs – drink & umbrella holder, mesh net for balls and other stuff, a compartment for his rangefinder and even a little cooler bag compartment (which is small, but doesn’t need to be any bigger since he’s not going on a picnic). And yes, you can add a seat (seems like the kids “need” one these days) if you want, but I didn’t get it.Being a junior golfer, his bag is smaller than a standard size, but that made no difference – it fits on the cart and can be securely clamped In (great system by the way).The 4 wheels make it extremely stable, and the foot real works great and is easy to operate.Overall I’m extremely happy with the purchase. More importantly, so is my son who loves the cart even though it’s not a click gear, which all his peers seem to have.This cart is great value for money and was about $80 -120 less than the click gear equivalent.I would definitely recommend this push cart, especially for younger children or any holder where weight is a or the main consideration.On a side note, there is a VERY small wobble on one of the wheels – you can’t even feel it with the unevenness of the golf course terrain. However I contacted caddytek via email anyway and described the problem. I received a response within 30 minutes, and a replacement wheel was sent out to me free Of charge on the same day. So on top of a great product there is even better customer service!What’s not to love.

  46. LeeHouston

    Makes life easy

    The instructions were a little difficult and I may have to just blame it on my aging eyesight. But a quick video got me on track and it was easy to assemble. Just a suggestion: practice folding and unfolding a few times to get the hang of it. I looked foolish trying to open it for 15 min the first time I took it to the course *yikes*

  47. Super D

    Easy to fold. Hard to guide.

    Great cart but hard to guide. I wonder why they don’t design the front wheels to swivel kinda like a baby carriage. Problem would be solved.

  48. Theresa T

    a great option.

    This golf cart is super easy to assemble out of the box, and easy to use each time you golf. The phone holder is great and especially if you’re using a course GPS while golfing.

  49. Dennis Whitaker

    Sturdy and feature packed. Love the storage options.

    Enjoyed the product. Easy to assemble and feature packed. Lots of storage including a small cooler pocket.

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  50. kinsale

    One Happy Golfer

    I purchased this trolley as a Christmas present for my partner.He has played 3 times so far in January and is very content with it.Here’s to 2021.

  51. Louis Adam Campbell

    Awesome cart

    Been trying to walk the course for the exercise. Was carrying clubs it using an old cart. So so happy I bought this one. It is great and works amazing for what I need! Carries so much stuff and the little cooler is perfect for a few drinks.

  52. Colleen Marie

    Awesome cart in every way!

    I love everything about this cart from the cool cooler to how quick and easy it is set up and break down. Also love the umbrella holder and beverage holder, adjustible height handle and easy pushing. Awesome deal all around!

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  53. jn

    Excellent design

    I like everything about this cart. I don’t usually gush over a product like this but this thing is so well designed and full of features. I’ve owned Sunmountain and Clicgear carts, this one is superior, in my opinion. Set up and take down is reasonably simple, after a few practice runs. Construction seems durable. Stability is good. Handling also good. Front wheels adjust width to accommodate a large golf bag. A tool is included to adjust front wheel alignment. Foot brake is easy to use. Storage accessory bag is included with “cool pouch” for cold drinks. Compartment on handle has an easy open release button and snaps shut securely. Umbrella and drink holder also included. It even has a holder for you cell phone. Very smart engineering. Excellent value!

    61 people found this helpful

  54. BerettaGolfman

    Great buggy

    Good price . As described .

  55. JOjo

    Great design

    Replaced a cart of equal price but poor quality. I have to hand it to the engineers who designed this. It is a great configuration, folds and unfolds easily and adds features that are useful and convenient.

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  56. david surface

    What a deal

    It is a lightweight easy to use cart the four wheels make it easy to push and a great value better quality and better price than any cart I have seen in the golf stores or on the green I love it also has very useable compartment on cart

  57. Soo

    Great choice

    My buddy has a 3 wheel cart and he said it is harder to maneuver than 4 wheel. I like that it is small when folding it. Plenty storage space. Luv it.

  58. Heidi

    Very nice golf push cart!

    I read many reviews before deciding on buying this push golf cart. Have used it many times and pushes easy on the my course which is very hilly. The 4 wheels make it super stable. It folds compactly to fit in my car trunk, although it took me a couple of times of practice. Love the cell phone holder, water bottle holder,And snap close compartment. Have not used the umbrella Holder yet. I put cold drinks and food in the bottom insulated bag. All around great push cart for the price.


    Great value, plenty of options: cup holder,umbrella holder, phone holder, etc.

    Has more props than older models. Phone holder, more tee holders, etc.

  60. DonnaDonna


    So I’ve used this twice. Agree with some who say opening it is confusing at first, but you figure it out.Some questioned that there is a wrench included. Some said the handle slips when pulling up or pushing down on the cart. You can use the wrench to tighten those. I thought mine was a bit loose at first. It never slipped when locked in place, but still felt loose. After tightening it, it was much better. I keep the wrench on the cart just in case.It maneuvers well, no issues there.It packs up good, not great. The water / beverage holder can get in the way. And the umbrella holder definitely is in the way. It needs to be removed. It’s not a big deal as I usually don’t use the umbrella holder.I noticed the prices have fluctuated a lot, so don’t just immediately buy. Put it in your cart and check the price daily or a couple times a day.Also, it said it would ship in a few weeks before buying it. I had mine in about 5 days after buying it.I bought it for $159. Definitely worth it!!

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  61. Daniel

    best investment in golf i’ve made

    I love this push cart. Everything I could ever want and it’s way better than riding. I move a lot faster with it and it’s easy to push. Pretty durable as well when shopping for bad shots in the trees and what not. Don’t hesitate to buy this pushcart. I’ve also lost another 10lbs walking the course so there you go health wise!

  62. Steven Hoffman

    Great cart for the price.

    It’s well build and feels very solid when in use. Would be much easy to maneuver if the front wheels were made to pivit. But all in all I’m very happy with it.

  63. Geri Edmiston

    Love this cart and easy assembly.

    This push cart is great! I was able to order this before the prices went up!

  64. Golfer64

    Folds down really small and smoothly

    Cell phone holder slot could be a little bit wider to accommodate larger I phones in an otterbox case? Other than that it works great!! I love the stability of the 4 wheels

  65. T. Brown

    Nice for the price

    Good cart for the price. I don’t walk all the time so this should last. I used it a couple of times and it is stable and I have a large cart bag (widen the wheels). Let’s see how it lasts.

  66. Marcus Schantz

    Love. Love. Love. Love

    I do not like to ride in carts while golfing, but at age 48, carrying my clubs 18 holes isn’t desired. This is the first push cart I’ve owned and I love it. It’s super easy to use (takes less than 1 minute to unfold), and it’s highly functional. I highly recommend this product.

  67. Mark Whitney

    The best cart at the best price!

    Very nice push cart. Everything from the storage and cooler to the push button storage compartment and the cell phone holder. Cell phone holder for my phone Galaxy S8 Plus fit in there but was not snug. However it never fell out during my round today. The only thing I could say bad that I don’t like is on the older models you had a push button to collapse the unit and use the same button to open the push cart back up again. This push cart is a couple more steps with some locking and unlocking mechanisms. Two of them. Definitely would recommend this to anybody looking for a push cart at a great price.

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  68. B.

    Great cart for a good price, when it’s on sale.

    Premium push cart that folds into a remarkably small footprint. Fully adjustable, comes with drink and umbrella holders. Got mine for $40 less based on wheel color.

  69. Goddessofcode

    Great value for the price

    The assembly took me a few minutes. Make sure that you read the instructions and check the orientation in the picture. Folding and unfolding is super easy. There’s literally 2 clips. I love that this has storage, a drink holder, and an umbrella holder.

  70. Richard Dorman


    Very compact and easy to use.

  71. Kindle Customer

    Excelente movilidad en el terreno, comodo, práctico, completo.

    Supero mis expectativas. Los Cady que lo han transportado comentan su facilidad de maniobra en todo terreno. Muy práctico con varios compartimentos para cada necesidad. El celular y porta bebida en posiciones adecuadas. En general un excelente carro de golf.

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  72. Joe

    4 wheeler cart

    Awesome golf cart, looks great and moves easy though out the golf course. The bag in the back is a little smaller then I thought. Everything else works perfectly

  73. David Fields

    Light and sturdy

    This golf cart is just right for the course I play at every week. It folds and unfolds effortlessly and the carry bag is perfect for those days when it rains and you collect all that extra grass (and mud) that you don’t want to get into your trunk. It has lots of room for all those other things that you want to carry around and the insulted compartment comes in handy to keep those drinks cool.

  74. Homer 1972


    I bought this about 1 yr ago. I have used it since, have not rode in cart. I have a little car (Spark) and I wanted something that would fit in trunk. It does with room to spare. Easy to fold up and unfold, once you do it a couple times it becomes second nature. I use a small (6″) bungie cord for the top of golf bag for my peace on mind.In the compartment under score card holder I put extra pencils,scorecards, and odds and ends. Great compartment. Easy to go up and down hills, good design to have brake.

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  75. Donna M. Talleur

    Love this! And I am a 66 yr old woman !!!

    Don’t pay any attention to anyone who wrote that assembly is hard. All you have to do is unfold it. Snap the 2 buckles and slide two wheels on. So easy!!!!just wished the front wheels turned to help maneuvering. This folds so small it fits in a tub in the back of my car. Love it!!!

  76. Chris leeper

    You could pay more but why.

    Nice cart for the money. You can spend more, but not necessary. The cart is stable and moves easily. Good storage and cup golfer a plus.

  77. Shan


    I love this cart. The phone holder is perfect. This cart folds up so small and fits into the trunk of my little PT Cruiser.

  78. Scooley

    It’s great, very impressed

    This is my first Golf Push cart. I didn’t want something cheap that would break in a year. This is very high quality, everything works like it should. It is easy to fold and set up. Quality is great, packaging was good.Overall super happy with this product.

  79. Roshanda

    Love the Golf Push Cart!

    The Caddytek was super easy to put together (after throwing away the enclosed instructions and watching a YouTube video) and it is light and easy to fold and get in and out of the car. We wanted something easy to push over mushy ground and it does great! Bought my wife one as well!

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  80. Bernie Bush

    Love it!

    It only took about 20 minutes to put it together. It is very sturdy and it holds the bag in place and it doesn’t allow it lean or turn like some others I have used. I like all of the compartmets and it pushes with ease. It folds down easily and is compact.

  81. Emilie Deveraux

    Great cart for any bag

    Really like this cart! I was a little nervous that my stand bag wouldn’t sit well because of the legs getting in the way, but there are small notches that accommodated the legs and it fit perfectly. I love how small this cart is when you collapse it completely. Fits very well in the trunk of my car. The insulated drink pocket is a definite plus as well. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and will probably purchase one for my wife as well.

  82. Jared Wilkinson

    A Fantastic Addition to My Game

    I am a fat, middle-aged guy with a son who is getting into golf. We have been playing together using a push cart (mine is this model, his is another CaddyTek model) and it makes walking SO, SO much better. Walking 9 holes is a breeze and I get way more out of it, not just exercise, by using this cart. It’s solid, has a perfect weight and stability. The storage is perfect as well. The only 2 things I would put in the con column is that the cup holder isn’t good for more than a 20oz bottle of water (I carry a 40oz SS bottle in the pouch below). It will easily tip over if the bottle is even slightly top heavy. The second is the “cooler” pouch doesn’t really seem to do anything. I put a small bottle of water in there, cold from the refrigerator, with an ice pack, and by the 6th hole in 80 degree weather, the bottle was much warmer than when it was put in there.In all, this is a excellent value and an excellent choice for a push cart. I had issues with the other cart (my son’s) and I emailed CaddyTek. Within 4 hours I got a response, and they shipped out parts the same day. Can’t say enough about them as well.

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  83. FeickmanFeickman

    More than I Expected

    have used the cart at least 5 times since I got it. The cart is light, easy to a fold and unfold, plus some added features I didn’t expect. And i got it on sale and so the price point was excellent.

  84. TPX

    Very functional, feature-rich cart

    I bought this cart in Spring of 2021 and have used it about 15-20 times, and I am still very pleased with it. Here are some of the best reasons to get it:1) Feature-rich – they included a lot of great features on this cart so that everything you need while playing is at your fingertips. For example, I use my cell phone to keep track of my scores and measure distances, so I need easy access to it. The cell phone holder is perfectly placed and keeps your phone nice and snug. Likewise, the water bottle holder is extremely convenient, as is the console near the handle which holds tees, balls, ball markers, and anything else you might need easy access to. Even something like the umbrella holder comes in really handy in times of rain, but you probably wouldn’t think of this as a necessary push cart feature. I have never used the included cooler pouch, which just tells me they added more features than I can even use.2) Portability – the process for folding the cart and storing it takes only a few seconds. There is a slight learning curve because it can be a little confusing at first, but once you do it a few times it is easy. The cart is small enough that I can keep it and my golf clubs in the trunk of my small sedan.3) Performance – the cart rolls smoothly and is easy to push around on four wheels, or pull on two wheels. The materials used seem to be sufficiently high quality that after a couple dozen rounds, the cart is still in good shape. It’s also very stable and has never fallen over while I’ve used it. The rolling action is so smooth that you almost certainly will need to engage the wheel brake whenever you’re on a slight incline or decline. The one negative here is that I cannot get the cart to roll perfectly straight, and so it pulls slightly to one side. There are instructions on how to adjust this, but they did not entirely work for me.Anyway, this is a great cart for the money as it gives you all the conveniences you need while enjoying a round of golf.

  85. Jason Bickmore

    Very nice!

    Great product, high quality, makes walking the course so much more enjoyable. Could be easier to unfold and set up, but still a wonderful addition to my golf game. If you want an easier set up and down, splurge for the one button version. If you’re okay with an additional step, save a few bucks and get this one.

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