Inflatable Boat – Dinghy 7.5ft Triple Layer PVC 330kg load capacity

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It is made of high-quality 3-layer 0.9mm 1100D PVC, so there is no need to worry about damage caused by rocks. The design of three independent air chambers allows you to accidentally damage one of the air chambers when you accidentally hit the reef or other sharp objects during use, and the other two air chambers are also enough to support you to reach the land and ensure your safety. Fast inflatable and portable design. When not in use, it can be stored in a carrying bag to save space. When you need to use it, You can use the foot pump that comes with the product to inflate. This is a fantastic fishing platform with solid bottom slats just add a trolling motor!

Inflatable boat kit–including paddles, pedal pumps, repair kits, carrying bags, etc. You only need to buy our products without having to buy other auxiliary tools.
Ride two adults–three independent air chambers plus a hard deck design, making the maximum carrying capacity of 330Kg, can carry two adults, suitable for a couple to play.
Paddle lock design–The side of the inflatable fishing boat has a paddle lock design. When you are not using the paddle, you only need to place the paddle in the paddle area and lock it, so that it can be firmly placed without worrying about falling into the water.





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1. Overall Size: (7.5 x 4.2 x 1)” / (19.05 x 10.67 x 2.54)cm(L x W x H)
2. Inside Size: (5 x 2)” / (12.7 x 5.08)cm(L x W)
3. Material: PVC, Marine Wood
4. Max Load: 330  Kg(2 Adults)
5. Net Weight: 70.5lbs / 31.98kg
6. Air Chambers: 3
7. Max Horsepower: 6 Hp
8. Color: Grey / White
Package Includes:
1 x Inflatable Dinghy Boat
1 x Foot Pump
1 x Pair Of Paddles
1 x Repair Tool Box
1 x Seat Plates
5 x Bottom Plates
1 x Carry Bag

25 reviews for Inflatable Boat – Dinghy 7.5ft Triple Layer PVC 330kg load capacity

  1. Tom and Kay

    Great boat for a great price

    I love this boat/dingy. It’s sturdy enough for me to stand in, and it putts around perfectly with my 30lb thrust minn kota trolling motor. It’s also extremely durable, I’ve hit plenty on rocks and debris in the water and so far, no holes. Very well crafted piece of equipment. Highly recommend this for kids and/or adults that enjoy a weekend at the lake or on the river

  2. tony fade

    Best investment ever!

    Easily inflated in 10 minutes. Get yourself a trolling motor and good marine battery and get on the water

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  3. Erika C

    Good raft

    I took this on a river normally used for kayaks. I maneuvered easily with no major hangups and kept up with the kayaks with no problem. It had me, my 6yr old and a decent sized cooler in it.The pump they send takes ages to inflate the raft so we used a Dewalt cordless shop vac with the flow reversed to fill it and it was ready in under 5 min.

  4. Matt Portolese


    The short and sweet..We wanted a boat for fishing the local suburban lakes. Many of which do not allow gas motors.Didn’t want the hassle of a boat and trailer, and didn’t have the space.This solved everything. Very very well built. Easily modified (check out the YouTube video’s.) Motor mount easily secured my electric motor (and small gas motor.) And fishing rods!A fine product.

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  5. Kathryn West

    Great summer purchase

    This thing is a beast. I was pretty skepticle but we have used it down the river a bunch of times and it holds up with rocks and some low rapids. We have taken our two large dogs in it a few times and still holds up well.

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  6. Ian E.

    Excellent inexpensive raft

    Great raft for two people or single. I was looking for a 10.5 ft raft that I could toss in my Tahoe and head for mountains. It inflates easily, floor installs quickly and the optional trolling motor mount works perfectly. I used with a 55 lb thrust MinnKota and have no regrets. The raft feels durable and well constructed for the price. Much easier to haul around than my 17′ canoe.Its a bit tight in the bag but not a big deal, buy a big duffel when the supplied bag gives out.

  7. Bob KBob K

    Good value

    Good construction for a reasonable price. Ran the south fork of the Flathead River from Glacier National Park down to Columbia Falls without any problems.

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  8. David M. Fisher

    worth every penny

    We had a up coming trip to ride the Guadalupe river in New Braunsfield Texas. Raft rental would of cost me $160 a day so we purchased this raft and, after hitting as many sharp rocks as we did, the boat held up awesome . After reading the past reviews I had decided to air it up the night before to make sure the “Boston valves” did not leak. Well one of them did. So I wiped a little dish soap on the O-ring and pumped it up and BAM no leak we used this boat 3 days in a row with no problems. I would happily recommend this boat.

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  9. Jeffrey G Koeck

    Great raft, well built

    Great raft for the price. I was surprised at how quickly my 4 year old could inflate it using the floor pump. It’s been plenty big for us, easily handling 3 adults and 2 kids (4&2 yrs). The raft is solid and well built for the price. We’ve used it for float trips and have had no issues despite multiple encounters with snags, branches and rocks. Very pleased with our first season.

  10. Nathan Nathan

    Solid boat so far

    Great boat so far. I’ve been out in the bay 5-6 times and I’ve had it for a couple months now. Ran aground a couple times and the boat is fine. This this will not puncture easy just don’t be dumb. I ordered the Chinese 4hp outboard on Amazon because the name brand motors were back ordered at the time. Pushes the boat fairly well. The oarlocks work great to attach a deck to. Drill a hole in each side and you can put the pegs on top. Boat is stable too.

  11. Brian Little

    Love this boat

    We have taken this on many trips in the reservoirs and lakes and we love it. Overall it is very durable and we find it easy to clean. Our dog even goes with and his claws do not puncture it. It inflates in about 10 mins and two people can carry it.

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  12. Jonathan W.

    It fits two people and some gear nicely. Easy enough to climb in and out for …

    Much nicer than I thought it would be. It fits two people and some gear nicely. Easy enough to climb in and out for swimming. Quick to inflate. Glad I bought it!update – second season using this. Still holding up very well except one oar broke (there’s a weak point in the middle where it assembles that just has a plastic part….we probably didnt push the alumnium shaft in all the way so it snapped. cheap to replace though). I still really like this boat – it fits easily into about half of the trunk of a VW Jetta, and i can lift it in and out myself/carry it for a while no problem. I think my girlfriend could lift it too, if she had to.

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  13. Keith K

    and you’re good to go

    This will be my 2nd summer using this product on the Chattahoochee River and I must say this thing is a beast. I can put myself, my two German Shepherds, and gal pal in this thing with no problems. Also the dog’s paws won’t puncture the sides.Not only has it held up to rocks/rapids, but you can slap on a trolling motor, add a sturdier floor, and you’re good to go! Plus it folds up in my apartment storage unit when needed. Would recommend!

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  14. Crys C

    We Get a Lot of Complements

    We use this boat for our family of two adults. Using an electric air pump, it airs quickly. We keep it aired up all season, and just ensure it’s full before each use. Transporting it easily in the bed of our small truck.

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  15. James P.

    Worked well on first trip

    Held up very well in a rough river. I am impressed so far. Paddles seem to be decent and lasted through two full days of rafting with my family and friends. Only takes about 10 minutes to pump up. I bought a large duffel for the pump and accs.

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  16. MAMMAM

    Exceeded expectations!!!

    Purchased Boat July 2018, I use it about four times a year. Well built and works great with my 30lbs thrust trolling motor and my 2hp Honda. Perfect for two kids and two adults. Easy to assemble but boat is quite heavy for one adult, inviting a helper is highly recommended.

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  17. Ken


    I bought a smaller version of the same boat and have gone up and down rivers and lakes for 20 years and it still is new looking. I got this boat because it’s bigger and has more protection so I can go on bigger rivers for a longer time. You have to take care of inflatable boats. Don’t let the sun’s heat over inflate it and make sure it’s dry when you store it.

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  18. DanDan

    Worth the money!

    Awesome raft! Very sturdy. I like having the ability to oar not just paddle. Not a cheap floaty toy, took it down the river and hit more rocks than I would like to admit and it held up great.

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  19. Amazon Customer

    Great boat at a great price!

    First of all, we ordered this at the last minute to take to Lake Tahoe specifically for the Truckee River, and we had it shipped to our hotel. It was due to arrival on Wednesday-which we nervous about as we planned on using it on Thursday – but it arrive ahead of time on Monday ! The boat is extremely sturdy and the floorboard makes the boat even more sturdy . We use a Milwaukee shop vacuum on reverse to inflate the boat – very fast indeed and also to deflate !

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  20. Berg

    I see us using this more often than our 12ft aluminum boat

    Great quality raft. In fact I see us using this more often than our 12ft aluminum boat. 2 people is comfortable with room to spare. 3 is the limit. Very sturdy floor – I’m 200+ lbs and can stand up just fine with no fear of tipping or caving in. Pretty awesome. Add the trolling motor bracket and you’ve got a fishing machine. Even with a heavy deep cycle battery, trolling motor and me in the back of it there is no feeling of losing freeboard or being tipsy. I think we’ll be using this a lot.

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  21. Idaho Bob

    Great value

    A perfect inflatable for flat water! Semi-rigid floor is great for stability. Included manual pump works reasonably. 30 pumps per section. Boston air valves are nice.ONLY negative consideration is weight. Two people needed to haul it around. Flex floor is pretty heavy by itself.This is a great value for inflatable under 1000 pound capacity!! 2 person fishing boat. Oar locks are dead center, one person rows, one fishes. Two 250+ guys no problem at all.

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  22. chivohvoh

    fantastic choice!

    I love my boat! This is a heavy duty and sturdy inflatable. Lots of room. Set up and take down is so easy. The floor is a huge plus! It allows one to actually step into and out of the boat. It is a bit heavy and takes two people to move it into the water. I have a foldable wagon that works well to transport it to the water. I would recommend this to anyone with limited space to store a boat but would like a “real” boat.

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  23. George Hyek

    We love it!

    What a great buy. This is the perfect watercraft for me, my wife, and our 5yo to enjoy a few hours on the water. It is sturdy, easy to pump, easy to transport in our SUV, and well worth every penny.

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  24. lostmysticlostmystic

    Absolutely love this boat

    Absolutely love this boat!!! We’ve taken this bad boy out on the Puget Sound for Salmon fishing and it has been amazing! Handles waves like a champ, super comfy and pretty easy to launch.

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  25. essedbl

    Used once so far…

    … and so far so good. I would like to get a motor for it as I can’t row against river current. I used an anchor with it on the river, and I learned the hard way that it’s a little dangerous on a river. Not the boat’s fault though. I use a portable air compressor to inflate to 95% or so, then hand pump the rest. Put the floor in before inflating.

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