Eames Inspired Mid-Century Design Low Back Genuine Leather Swivel Chair

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Highest quality materials, Real leather, Plush Sponge Cushioning. Sitting height adjustable. Steel Base.




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20 reviews for Eames Inspired Mid-Century Design Low Back Genuine Leather Swivel Chair


    Looks like the original

    Really like this piece. Solid quality and looks almost like the real one.

  2. Donald Peters

    Great product, extremely happy

    I received my chair a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with it. The chair is extremely comfortable and provides plenty of support. The looks are impressive, modern, and stylish. It’s also lightweight and easily adjustable. I would recommend this chair to anyone looking for a high-quality product at an affordable price. Plus, assembly was very simple and took just five minutes.

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  3. sjdude

    Excellent for the money

    I own a more expensive version of this chair, as well, and it cost more than 2x what I paid for this one. The mechanicals are excellent and assembly was a snap. It took more time to unwrap all the metal parts from protective wrap than it took to assemble! It was certainly packed well.There is little/no padding on this chair, but I find it pretty comfortable. I like the tilt and tilt tension adjustments. Overall, really pleased with the quality for the price, and the design is classic.

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  4. Thomas J. Yang

    Excellent chair, Excellent Warranty

    I’ve had this chair for a few years now and it’s been great. A part broke recently and the manufacturer has agreed to send a replacement. I am very satisfied with their response!

  5. Queen Bee

    Perfect Office

    I love this chair. I have had an old and ugly office that was my husbands and I saw this one an had to have it. I looks great, it is comfortable and elevates the look of my office!

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  6. SC

    Great chair DEFINITELY more than meets the eye (even more than just how cool it looks)

    So, here’s the deal: my long and illustrious career has not seen a whole lot of good chairs in its time. Or even decent ones. (I would have settled for mediocre, seriously). So I’ve been extremely picky about what I was going to get for my own personal office chair. I wanted something functional, and something I could sit in for hours at a time, but I swore if I saw one more ‘ergonomic-style’ chair, I was absolutely going to lose my dang mind. This chair was recommended to me, and I have to admit, it wasn’t the style I was looking for, but holy… This chair is amazing. It has shockingly good lumbar support, it smacks of Mad Men-esque modern, moves smoothly through all the standard lift/tilt/wheely functions, and now holds the esteemed title of coolest centerpiece in my office (sorry, fancy monitor, but you held on for a good couple of weeks there). It’s just a perfect little sturdy chair – well made, and more functional than even the picture does justice. If you want a great chair for your office, I highly recommend this one.

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  7. Oh58sabo

    Looks and feels good

    Solid chair that is very comfortable for all day use. I love it

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  8. Brian Kimmel

    Wow! You couldn’t ask for a better chair.

    I knew that I would love this chair after doing some research and reading comments from other customers, but I was not prepared for how much I would love this chair. It is extremely comfortable, great to look at, extremely easy to assemble, and a great value for the price. If you are in need of a new chair for your office or home I highly recommend this chair.

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  9. S. Foss

    Better then Expected

    When buy this chair I was a little skeptical of the quality, but for a replica of a $1500 that I adore, i gave it a shot. If you know what to look for you can tell its a replica of a Herman Miller. But overall its really pretty good. Seat is firm, the back fits the contour of my back. It was also one of the easiest piece of furniture i’ve put together, didn’t used the instructions. It took me about 10 minute to fully put it together. Overall I have to say I pleasantly surprised and happy with this chair.

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  10. Elena Dieppa

    Great looking chair for the price!

    Purchased 10 for use in our hotel. I love the chair, the look, the feel!

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  11. Pato_n5

    Fantastic Style + Solid Construction

    As someone who sits at a computer 6 days a week for 10 hours a day , I wanted a chair that not only looked great, but would last for years. Chairs are not something you go cheap on IMO, so it had to be well-built. Not too mention that all the little details in this chair just look better. Anyway, shipping was really quick and putting it together was easy and fast. It definitely has a light and stylish profile, and although I’ve just begun to sit in it, it supports me well. A great purchase!

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  12. IreneIrene

    Quality Chair

    Wow ! I received chair and so easy to assemble. The quality of the chair surpasses many that are more expensive. This chair is so comfortable and glides with ease. I love this chair and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality built, comfortable with its sleek design chair that fits in with any office decor. I sit many hours a day and it is so comfortable. 

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  13. V. Cho

    I love it!

    Very impressive build quality. Very comfortable.I ordered 1 of these to test for our office. Our staff gave the thumbs up and I’ll be ordering 8 more. Thanks!

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  14. Trina Pulliam

    Love the chairs

    originally purchased for the look but do love them. they are super comfy. we got them for everyone in our office.

  15. BRohrig

    Great chair

    This chair is all that I expected.

  16. J. KangJ. Kang

    I love this chair

    Pay 1550 for the real chair, or pay 250 shipped for a replica? I chose the latter since I’m not a millionaire. And I couldn’t be happier. Was shipped on and arrived on time. This chair came practically fully assembled, with a total of 10 minutes assembly time required for me. The chair wasn’t like one from Ikea where you pray and hope and curse and pound in an attempt to get poorly machined parts to fit. Everything went smoothly and construction seems to be top notch. I love the look and everyone who has seen it has complimented it. Most importantly, the back stays relatively upright which makes it comfortable and ergonomic. I would highly recommend this chair to anyone!

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  17. bmwj84

    Modern and Comfortable for a great price!

    We ordered 8 of these chairs for an office conference table and a few workstations, they were easy to put together and they are relatively comfortable after you release the knob to allow it to tilt. They look great and the price was quite reasonable. I recommend them to someone on a budget looking for a modern style and quality product.

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  18. Joseph

    Great price, Fast Shipping, Stylish chair!

    Product arrived fast and came via UPS. Easy to assemble. I have already received numerous compliments on the style. Very attractive chair and great back support. Exactly what I needed! >

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  19. Ron Whitman

    I like it

    Pretty happy with this chair. Overall it feels pretty solid, as good if not better than other Eames-style management chairs I’ve used in the past. It doesn’t look like a cheap plastic homage which I was worried about with other chairs I looked at, and the adjustment mechanisms are discreet underneath. Adjusts pretty nicely, feels comfy, moves smoothly. One week in, its a winner

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  20. Amazon Customer

    … write reviews and this is by far is the best chair for the price that I’ve purchased

    I NEVER write reviews and this is by far is the best chair for the price that I’ve purchased. I wanted to invest in the original chair with the high price tag but couldn’t get myself to take the plunge. I SCOURED the internet for the best quality at the best price, read review after review. This chair is high quality for the price and then some. We were very impressed!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE! If you are not willing to pay 1700.00 or anywhere close to that, this is your chair. Hands down.

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