Iron hexagon Outdoor Patio Gazebo with Curtains

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Hexagon gazebo tent with 6 mesh sidewalls makes a fantastic addition to your patio, deck, or garden. Protective mosquito netting keeps insects away while allowing cool breezes to filter through. Drainage eye holes on the top cover for excellent drainage.
6 Pull ropes and 12 ground stakes for anchoring it to the ground firmly. Pop-up design for quick, straightforward, and simple assembly.

The gazebo with mesh sidewalls is perfect for family parties, weddings, picnics, sporting events, outdoor vending, craft fairs, camping trips, and more. This peak top hexagonal gazebo features a solid steel frame for stability and six mesh sidewalls (each with a zippered door) for ventilation and insect protection. With this versatile gazebo, your family and friends will have an ideal spot to enjoy outdoor living at a variety of events.



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Weights & Dimensions

Overall 155’‘x155’’x102’‘
Overall Product Weight 38.5lb
Interior Height-Top to Bottom 74’’
Top Weight Capacity 95LBS
Hanging Weight Capacity 100LBS


Product Type Gazebo
Roof Material  


Roof Color Khaki
Roof Cover Attachment Hook & Loop Fastener
Frame Material Iron
Frame Finish  

Powder Coat

Poweder Coated Finish Yes
Year-Round Use No
Compatible Installation Surfaces All Surface Types
Storage Bag Included NO
Side Wall Included Yes
Weather Resistant No
UV Resistant Yes
Fire Resistant Yes
Rust Resistant Yes
Mildew Resistant No
Country of Origin China

14 reviews for Iron hexagon Outdoor Patio Gazebo with Curtains

  1. Brent W.

    High Quality

    This gazebo has been easy to set up and use. It is of high quality and very durable. It is nice and large. I would get again.

  2. SW

    Took a long time to set up but worth it

    I ordered this canopy to go in my backyard so that me and my family could dine outside without baking in the sun during summer. Everything arrived in great shape, and the canopy was a bit larger than I thought. It took nearly all day to fully assemble it, but it’s been a much needed addition to our backyard. It’s pretty durable and has endured terrible weather without much of any issues. For the price, I am impressed at the quality. Usually I see canopies like this for much higher. I highly recommend ordering one; it’s been a wonderful thing to have that’s saved our skin – literally.

  3. Sean McGill

    Lightweight, material provides shade, not rain resistant…

    Easy to assembleVery lightweightNice material, looks best opened up.This gazebo was much lighter than I expected. It is easy to set up because it is lightweight. It is designed more for shade in nice weather. I would not leave this up in a rain storm.Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

  4. N. Caruso

    This gazebo will make my deck that much more appealing.

    My gazebo arrived a couple weeks ago, right in the middle of a snowstorm and, with snow still on the ground and sub-freezing temperatures still the norm, I have not been able to fully assemble this product outside.However, I felt it necessary to meet my obligation to give a fair and objective review in a timely manner, so I spent some time this afternoon taking the parts out of the box, laying everything out and examining the gazebo in detail.The fabric parts (roof, side walls and screens) all seem well-made with quality stitching and no visible flaws. The base poles (6 of them) are all coated well and appear pretty solid. The manufacturer does include a disclaimer stating the metal is not rustproof and you should consider using a metal paint (like Rustoleum) to further protect the metal.All holes designed to bolt the gazebo together are in the right spots (sometimes things don’t line up which can be frustrating). I “dry fit” parts together to make sure they will do so when I can do the final assembly. Everything lines up as it should.Tools and parts all come in a cloth bag – a nice touch, to keep everything together. Everything is packed neatly in the shipping carton, in a way that is easy to lay things out and makes assembly very simple. The instruction are OK – not very detailed, but the drawings are pretty accurate and it doesn’t look very hard to assemble this gazebo.As I said, while I couldn’t actually build this “tent” in my living room, I put things together and assembled smaller components to make sure this will work as advertised. I’m confident that in a few short weeks I will get this gazebo assembled on my deck and will definite post a follow-up review with pictures when I do.

  5. HB&HB

    Nice gazebo

    This gazebo is nice. Seems sturdy but I would recommend securing down with screws if you are using on a wooden deck. One big wind gust and this will fly away. Just like the majority of these types of gazebos. I personally like the metal gazebos because they last longer than one season. I’ve had plenty of these type of gazebos and they all seem to only last through one season. We have taken the top off during really windy weather to help keep it it from blowing away. But even then, the sides will bow in and bend. This is great to have some sort of shade during the hot summer sun. I would take it down after the spring/summer season just so I could use it again the next year. The nylon fabric seems to fade from the sun so it’s best to take down when not in use also. This is in the same price range as others like it.

    One person found this helpful

  6. Smart Shopper

    Absolutely beautiful!

    This canopy is beautiful, neighbors have made comments and asked for the link to purchase it themselves. I purchased 8 30 pound sand bags to make sure it dosen’t blow away and may even make something so I can attach it to my deck somehow. It was very easy to setup and love the quality and color.

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  7. Bryce

    Seems good now, wondering about later

    PROS:Easy to assembleSeems durableLargeHanger for lightingThick polesComes with mosquito nettingCONS:weak weldsI purchased this as a place for my outdoor dining table. I love that it has a hook for my lighting. Looking at the quality out of the box it’s decent, but I do worry these welds are not going to hold forever. Middle ground canopy for middle ground price.

  8. Bee

    Would repurchase

    Liked the color and carry bag is convenient.

  9. Kimber Rosee

    Really easy to put up

    Really pleased with this gazebo, the box arrived perfectly intact and I was able to bring it into the house despite it being such a large heavy box. My brother and step father put it together for me in my backyard and it took them less than 15 minutes to do so. It held up perfectly through a thunder storm and while the rain was light I did go inside it to see if it was really waterproof and it was. I can’t wait to use it during the summer to get some relief from the hot texas sun.

  10. Jill Hart


    This is such a nice gazebo! It was fairly easy to assemble and seems quite sturdy. It feels huge and fits our patio furniture easily underneath. I love that it has the privacy curtain option, but that these can be pulled back and opened up easily.

  11. Where the Sidewalk Ends

    Beautiful tent/gazebo that would be perfect for weddings, graduations, etc.

    Looks amazing! It’s a project to put together for sure. We had 3 people working on it one afternoon, but once it’s together it’s very pretty and not going anywhere, short of a really heavy wind storm.It’s a beautiful gazebo that could be used for graduations, weddings and other such events. It can be dressed up really nicely too for formal events. It makes for a great shady space to set up tables with food, and the netting helps keep bugs out. It’s heavier duty than the simpler pop-up style tents/gazebos, but it’s held up better as well. It doesn’t blow over in the wind and so far the fabric hasn’t torn or anything like that. Very nice!

  12. Family matters


    Great for outdoor useVery sturdyEasy to assembleLove the color

  13. steve

    Used the entire summer

    I camped underneath this canopy for a summer and it did a great job at upholding through all weather. I did strap it to trees since sometimes the wind would reach incredibly high speeds in the mountains but overall it did great!

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  14. Gabby

    Good but not great

    This gazebo was nice and a pretty good value for the price but definitely has some opportunities. The assembly was a bit complicated and while it seemed sturdy enough I definitely wouldn’t leave this up during a strong storm.

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