Lifting Coffee Table with Cabinet-Dark Coffee color

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This Lift top coffee table combines high capacity and multiple functions.

The top lifts up and forward creating a work surface so you can work on a laptop or eat dinner while relaxing on your couch.

The hidden storage underneath the tabletop and the cabinet below give this lovely piece great storage capacity.

Chic and minimalist design, easy to clean and assemble.



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Estimated delivery date 2023/09/25

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Assembly Required.


Color: dark coffee color/wood color

Material: Chipboard&solid wood leg &metal mechanical hinge

Overall dimension:41″ L×19.3″W×(19~24)”H

Upper storage space height:14.3″L×35.5″ W×2.4″H

The bottom cabinet:12″L×10″ H

Ground distance:3″H

Board thickness:0.6″

Item weight:47 lbs

74 reviews for Lifting Coffee Table with Cabinet-Dark Coffee color

  1. Darby


    I love this table!! It’s perfect for my small apartment. Wood color is in between brown and grey, it could go with other furniture of either color. I love that there is plenty of room for storage under the top once you open it. It’s easy to open and close but the bottom is very light weight so you may need to hold your foot on it while opening so it doesn’t slide. I am extremely happy with this purchase.

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  2. Sarah Hillard

    Nice table

    Very sturdy table. It’s got great weight to it. Instructions were a bit confusing as I had to go back and re-do two pieces, but overall I would purchase again. The table popping up is extremely convenient.

  3. k.c.

    Beautiful table

    This is a great looking table. Fairly easy to assemble. I assembled it by myself. The hardest part was attaching the top of the table to the base. Would recommend a second person for that. Great table for the price

  4. THTH


    This table is perfect! It was easy to assemble, and it’s easy to open and close- although it does take two hands to do that. I love the color also! Using this table with the top up is perfect for working on a laptop, playing games, eating or any kind of crafts or writing.

  5. Leane LedbetterLeane Ledbetter

    My living room loves this coffee table!

    This is a great piece for my mobile home trailer. The lift top feature is awesome and it’s makes working on my computer much easier. Plus the storage space rocks!

  6. Vmo

    Terrific coffee table

    This is a very nice item at a very reasonable price. It is very sturdy and serves nicely as a pop up desk or eating area. Easy assembly.

  7. Dave Kelsen

    Better than I expected

    For the price, I expected the quality to be less than it is. Sturdy, the lift off top is cool. Pretty easy to assemble, the instructions are okay, just make sure you unfold all of them. I initially skipped a few steps, missing a few pages, but didn’t have to redo anything. Thumbs up!

  8. Allison Peot

    Beautiful and Easy to put together.

    I really don’t put bigger furniture together, I usually leave it for the boyfriend to do. But I decided to open it and try it myself. It was so easy to put together and directions were on point. I had it together in less than 2 hours. I love it and it was the perfect add to my living room.

  9. TammyTammy

    Great Buy !!

    I love this table. It’s perfect for a small space. I am a crafter and the lift top is the best .plus added storage helps alot. It’s not the easiest to put together (had someone who is great at putting things together) BUT worth the hassle.

  10. Kellie MarrKellie Marr

    Color, Coffee, and Centerpiece!

    Just what I had in mind! We love this coffee table, it’s size and function. It took my husband and I a solid hour to put it together. There was a step in the assembly that we questioned it’s sturdiness as the top board was balance on the bottom board by just the center/storage area board. We put some books under it till we got past that point. Other than that the assembly was very simple and easy to follow. They even send extra hardware.I wish the top piece almost had a 3rd hinge in the middle as it does not offer too much support when it is lifted… But we can manage.We love the color and storage options!Hope it last many years to come!

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  11. T Marie

    Love this coffee table!

    Easy directions, pictures no verbiage. I assembled it myself in about 1 and half hrs. Very sturdy it’s for my daughter, she lives in a tiny home with limited space so it will serve its purpose. She loved it, she’s an artist and it had plenty of room to store all her pens, the height was perfect when seated on her couch. It looks like a very expensive piece of furniture. She is extremely happy with it!

  12. Rob

    We love this coffee table

    We looked for a long time and finally settled on this table, based on the reviews of other purchasers. I was a little worried about the assembly because some reviews said it was pretty difficult. I was pleased with the quality and craftmanship. Everything fit together perfectly. The top was a little challenging, but with 2 people it went pretty smoothly. The table looks great and is very sturdy. I’m glad we picked this one!

  13. JynniferJynnifer


    Though the direction booklet was put together a little backwards, this was fairly easy to put together. It is very sturdy and the raising portion of this helps our household as our home is too small for a kitchen table, we are now able to use this function to have a meal. And the storage inside is great for small blankets, books, ect. We love this coffee table!

  14. Deborah Brock

    Awesome table very happy with this purchase!!

    Perfect for my little trailer and easy enough to assemble with two. Great price and stylish!! 5 big stars!!

  15. MamigplaMamigpla

    Perfect fit for me!

    I really like how this table went together. The pull up table top works great. I’m really impressed with the faux wood finish. It’s great having the storage under the table as well.

  16. Kimberly Lynn

    Awesome Multi-Use table.

    Love this so much! It was originally bought for me to store craft/cricuit stuff in. Which I do. And I can work from the couch with the table extended and do my work easily. I love it.Also found that its perfect for the kids to eat with as I can extend the table up to their size so to say and it saves on mess.I want to order one for the end of my bed.It’s also really nice and makes my living room look a bit nicer. My decor is lacking so to say so this is really a nice touch to a dull living room.It sure did take the 2 people suggested and definitely took the two hours it said it would take to assemble to be prepared for that.It comes in what appears to be a too small of package and I was thinking “oh boy, missing parts, fun!” But was pleasantly shocked that it was, indeed, all there. So that’s a plus that it saves on package waste.Very happy.

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  17. Mom 2 Dae n’ Bean

    Good enough

    The directions were terrible and you definitely need a couple friends for assembly. But once it’s together it’s great. Holds up to my kid and husband well.

  18. thomas kloss

    My fault

    This is a very solid table. When I was looking at it I measured out the size of it on my floor and thought it would be almost to big. After I put it together it seems a bit too small now. Overall it is for the best. It was a little tough putting it together by myself. The top lifts great if you grab it on both sides but can be a pain in the butt if your trying to from one side. All in all it looks great, feels like it will last a long time, and I think was worth the money.

  19. Evan

    Amazing Coffee Table

    Great coffee table for the price. Assembly was relatively easy and the only part that requires a second person is the very end when attaching the top of the table to the base. When doing this, I highly recommend using a drill to screw these screws in to save time and effort. The rest of the table can be assembled with screwdrivers.The raising feature is also more useful than I thought. It’s great if you want to eat a meal on the couch or if you are working from home and want your laptop raised up to a better height. Even when raised, the surface is quite sturdy.If you are looking for a great looking coffee table for an awesome price, this is the table for you.

  20. GinnyGinny

    Well worth it….

    This table was much more sturdier than I anticipated. There is also nice storage for photo albums, scrapbooks, etc under the pull up top. Looks really nice. Great value for the price.

  21. KN

    Great table, easy to assemble

    Great table. Assembly instructions were very clear and easy to put together. I did it in about 2 hours. You will need a2nd person to help hold the top part up while you screw it in at the very end. Pay attention to which parts to use in each step as some look very similar, but the bags are clearly labeled so it was easy. Great looking table. Very happy with purchase.

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  22. Rayea Lang

    Great Table and Customer Service

    I bought this table in March 2022 and assembled it myself (it’s doable but I don’t recommend). It’s the perfect size for a smaller living area. There was an issue though, I noticed it started to peel in the corner so I reached out to the company and they handled it right away. Now it’s perfect. I highly recommend this table.

  23. Bobby

    Very sturdy

    I think this is very Sturdy piece of furniture. it is pretty easy to put together as long as you are allowing yourself about an hour. its not as big as a traditional coffee table but perfect for me and I am sure others who don’t have a lot of space. I use it every day and I more often then not eat at this table and watch TV. it opens right up to my couch. I Give this piece 5 Stars all the way.

  24. S LeCrenS LeCren

    Great table for its purpose and price.

    Was packaged securely. Nothing was damaged. The instructions were simple to follow. Easy for one person to assemble until the very end when attaching the top to the rest of the table you need an extra set of hands do that part. It is sturdy enough for its purpose. I made sure my kids knew they can’t sit on it, definitely won’t hold up to that. I told them tables are for foodie not their booty. Also won’t allow them to lift the top up as I am scared they may pinch their fingers. Over all it is great and I like it a lot.

  25. Kathryn M

    For the Price it’s fine. Not top end by any means but suits the purpose.

    The table arrived fast. The instructions are cut and dry, and the pieces are labeled with letters, as are the hardware bags. Was put up in about an hour.It is cheaper veneer, not a solid melamine but for 143 shipped it is better than others I have seen. I do like that the binding posts are all set in a pre-drilled plastic anchor.That means they won’t rip out easily and easier to repair if they do. Do watch out as some of the round cams are a tad longer and they are made that way. The short ones won’t twist down if placed in the wrong holes as the double cams. I hit that snag. Seems solid enough for a man room but while raising and lowering it shakes a little on the lifts and springs. But solid once extended.For the money its not a bad buy. Should last awhile.

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  26. mama g

    Looks great

    My daughter received this for her wedding shower. It looks great. The only thing bad I would say is that you have to lift the extender from the middle or else it won’t go

  27. Aunt Jude

    Great product

    Absolutely love this coffee table! Not too complicated to put together. Good quality and sturdy. Good value.

  28. AnnaAnna

    Really not that terrible

    Bought the bigger size of this table and I have to say I think it is good for the price. It’s relatively sturdy and heavy, doesn’t feel terribly cheap. It didn’t come with instructions but my boyfriend found the instructions on Amazon I believe and was able to assemble it by himself aside from putting the top on it which is definitely a two person job. We love to use it as a table if we want to watch a movie and eat! The only problem we really have like most people is the sticker residue is really awful

  29. Robin S.

    Great buy!

    This coffee table is exactly what my living room needed. Delivery was quick and building it was not terribly difficult. The top rises in a controlled manner. Just wish it was a little taller.

  30. Jana Cotta

    Such a great table for the money!

    We got this table for our apartment since we had no table to eat at. Every night we make dinner, sit down on the loveseat, and pull the table up to eat dinner by the tv. It’s got a very trendy, farmhouse look and feels very secure. Lots of storage too.

  31. Sarah

    Just as promised-great storage option!

    This coffee table is exactly what we needed! Extra storage, a bigger surface area and still not so enormous as to take up the entire space. We absolutely recommend this product. And in case you’re wondering, the top doesn’t snap closed, it’s similar to soft close tech so if you have little ones it won’t smash their fingers unless they themselves slam it down, but it’s hard to slam, it slows down still even with a lot of force.

  32. Ansbekk

    A great table but…

    This table is amazing and it’s exactly what i was looking for for. I assembled it without any issues, but took some time and A LOT OF CAREFULNESS. If you purchase this table, please be patient and take your time. Have the appropriate tools and do not rush. The other reviews show things broken because they either didn’t follow instructions, or simply rushed and broke things themselves. The table is very fragile during the assembly process, but becomes very sturdy post assembly. If anything breaks, it’s because of you. Good luck!

  33. Savvy Beach Bums

    Easy to assemble with two people

    Product arrived as scheduled and all parts with a few extras were packed perfectly in the undamaged box. Picture instructions with numbers were great and easy to understand as every piece and bag of hardware were labeled. Me and my husband had it unboxed and put together in one hour and eighteen minutes. Nice sturdy table, sleek and elegant look.

  34. Deborah S.


    This table is very solid & heavy. My husband put it together, it took a while but he managed without problems. It is highly functional with the feature of having the top lift and come forward. We have used the lifted top to eat from, it’s the perfect level for a meal or to use as a desktop when it is lifted since it pulls forward. The storage inside the top that is hidden is very spacious and handy. It’s appearance is plain, not fancy, but as mentioned it is solid and sturdy.

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  35. Jewls

    Lift top is a must!

    I love this product! It is perfect size for our apartment living room. The lift top is very sturdy. Assembly was easy until you get to securing the lift top to the base; you need a 2nd pair of strong arms to hold it up and in place. The color is great and came with no scratches.

  36. Eric in TennEric in Tenn

    Great addition to the man cave.

    Worth the price…it’s a little smaller than I though but that’s my fault for not looking at the dimensions. Took about an hour to put together but instructions were adequate. Great addition to the man cave.Negatives: not as much storage space in the lower shelves as it looks like in the picture

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  37. Seth Wardrip

    Excellent,Sturdy,and worth every penny!

    Excellent product! Very sturdy and well built. We had it professionally installed and they tech was very professional and did a great job. The lift up top is very handy for eating and using laptop. Excellent value and worth every penny!!!

  38. Marie HawthorneMarie Hawthorne

    Great coffee table

    Very nice for the price! It’s a little hard to open the hidden compartment but I think the springs need to be broken in a bit. It took me like 1.5 hours to put it together with an electric screw driver. I would advise to use something electric because it helped save a lot of time.

  39. Evan HamletEvan Hamlet

    Follow the instructions exactly for an easy 30min assembly

    Came reasonably quickI will say you need to follow the instructions to a T to not only save you time on building it but to prevent damages during assembly. It took me just under 1.5hrs due to my rush to complete and not looking long enough at the instructions. I mounted a part backwards which added in another 5-10min taking it back apart to put in properly. Table is great to look at but is cheaply made so try not to place anything too heavy on it.

  40. rgb169

    Great quality and look

    Such a great value and quality. Yes, it took a little time to put together by myself but it was enjoyable and easy. All the pieces fit as they should and there are a few extra just incase. Great value and the look is clean and high end. The top moves up and down very smoothly and is very stable once in position. Great place to use your laptop or bring your food closer as you watch tv. The storeage is bigger than you think under the top and has nice room below to display some books and such. Very happy with this and have had it for a few months. The top cleans up easily when your kids make a mess. LOL

  41. Lori R. Helmer

    Sturdy/solid piece of furniture.

    Exactly what I had been looking for. I have back issues and with the old coffee table I had to always bend over if we were eating or just writing a card. I can do both those things even without opening, but when it is opened its so much easier for me. It is also a beautiful piece of furniture. Goes well with the rest of the room. Very sturdy, doesn’t wobble while I’m writing. Very good purchase

  42. Chicago Steve

    Looks awesome, easy to assemble, very sturdy

    I took my time to assemble and it took under 2 hours. I assembled by myself. There is an assembly video on YouTube. Regardless of what others say, this is a very study table and it looks great. I bought the larger one and it’s pretty big, if you have a small space I would recommend the smaller size.

  43. Jessica

    Great Quality

    The coffee table is very sturdy and It looks really nice in my living room. It was reasonable easy to assemble myself. I absolutely love the lift top for studying or eating, plus the added safe storage.

  44. lindsay

    Sturdy table- takes 2 people to put together quicker and is needed for last part

    Very sturdy and heavy table. Cannot put together without 2 people though because of the last part. Also to put the springs on you’ll need a spring tool. Like the ones to put a trampoline together. Overall, best table I’ve owned yet. Worth the price.

  45. Marc Poly

    Great table, love it!

    As long as you’re somewhat capable of following instructions, this is easy to put together yourself. Very sturdy, the pop top goes up and down with ease. Love the extra storage. Extra hardware included in case you misplace a piece or two.

  46. microeye

    The future of coffee tables!

    Do you eat or use your laptop on the coffee table? Hunch over no more. This thing lifts up and comes to you when you need it to, and retracts into a standard-looking coffee table when that’s all you need. The surface is surprisingly sturdy to use when it’s lifted out. And when lifting or retracting, the surface stays completely flat, so no need to unload it when raising or lowering. Wish I’d gotten one years ago!

  47. emily

    Perfect coffee table

    Have had this coffee table for a few months now and still looks just like when I put it together! When it originally came there was a cracked down the top piece. I contacted the company and they were so great and easy to work with! They sent me a replacement piece right away!It’s a great size and sturdy! It’s not to hard to put together but I would recommend having another person! Plus I love the way the top comes up! I would definitely recommend!

  48. renee weeks

    Perfect and easy to assemble.

    Exactly what I ordered. Holds everything

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  49. BMDavis

    Nicely surprised

    We have done a lot of eating in our living room while we spend more time at home. I am very pleased with this table. It is sturdy. It was easy to put together. It looks great. Great value.

  50. Austin H.

    I Like IT

    Overall everything is great about it and looks exactly like the picture. I only have 2 very minor cons: some of the hardware is a little weak but doesn’t effect the sturdiness. And the top lid can come out a little hard if you’re not careful enough.That’s 2 cons to 40 pros, so it’s definitely worth it!

  51. JT

    Sturdy, Looks Great, Easy Assembly

    As an initial note, when I ordered, the image displayed for this item was of a different desk than the image currently displayed (mine is darker colored, different legs, and three cubbies rather than two). That being said, I received the desk I ordered rather than the one currently pictured, and it was a fairly quick and easy assembly. Some caveats though: you need a screwdriver and, for one step, you will need another person to help hold the lift-table up while you fasten it into place. Once finished, the lifting mechanism is easy, but not flimsy, the inside space is larger than I expected, and the table itself looks great. As a final note, the legs of the table I ordered are made of real wood while the rest is made of some kind of fabricated, composite wood. This makes the cost relatively cheap (compared to an all-wood table), while maintaining the sturdiness of real wood in the legs.

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  52. maylinmaylin

    Happy with my purchase!

    I love assembling things like this so that part was not an issue for me. It was a bit smaller than I expected but it looks great so I am happy with my purchase. Great product for the price!

  53. AwnryprincessAwnryprincess

    Lift top coffee table

    Love it. It was fairly easy to assemble, stylish, & sturdy.

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  54. DDB

    Looks great!

    This little table is perfect for smaller spaces. The lift top is really nice for dining in front of the tv. Even though its not wood, it looks like it is. Its. The shelves on the bottom are great for magazines. Inside isnt very deep but you could store a thinner throw in it

  55. IrishGirlatHeart

    Arrived early!

    Just as pictured. The instructions were easy to follow and had it put completely together in about a hour.

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  56. Amazon Customer

    Easy to assemble and sturdy.

    My 14 year old grandson put this together by himself with no problems. Looks great. As described and sturdy. Exactly what we were looking for.

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  57. B. J. KrilB. J. Kril

    Great table but assembly take some time.

    Overall the coffee tables really great I would just recommend that you set aside enough time to fully assemble the coffee table at one time it took me about 2 1/2 hours to put together and you’ll need a second person to help load the springs properly for the top top.

  58. Amazon Customer

    Great for dual purpose.

    We use to eat at the couch with tray tables. They fall over, snap on your fingers and are always in the way. Now we love eating together on this table that quickly folds out of the way!Assembly took a little time and requires two people at the very end. Otherwise it was easy and over.

  59. Ben Lee

    Great flip up coffe table

    Just the right size for me. Table looks great and putting together was not too bad.

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  60. Amazon Customer

    BEAUTIFUL! Highly Recommend !

    This is a beautiful coffee table!!! My daughter said It was easy to assemble, because the directions were very good. She only had to use a drill to assemble the lift top. Note: that’s the only time you need two people. I am very very happy with this purchase !

  61. alexandra lovell

    Easy to assemble

    Easy to assemble. Took me about an hour, I did need help for the last step though (installing the pop up lid). It’s pretty big, but it’s perfect for my living room

  62. Cwright

    Absolutely love this table!

    This table is such good quality and the perfect size. We order the larger one for our apartment and it still fits great for both of us to sit and eat at in front of the TV. Great depth for storage inside too. Can’t say enough good things about this table. Just get it.

  63. Slaone Twyman

    Read before you buy!

    Its a very sturdy coffee table but buyers beware. The directions say that you just need two people to put it together but the lid is super heavy. Unless you have the hulk helping you put the coffee table together you will need to put the hinges on the table first before you put on the lid. But I love the way it looks and it can withstand a good bit of weight!

  64. Craig GoldenCraig Golden

    Beautiful table, very nice for cost.

    Perfect coffee table for my needs. Nice weight and very sturdy. Assembly was a breeze with my own tools but should be just as easy with supplied tool. Plenty of storage and the top is able to hold a good bit of weight once extended. I’d say I’ve had about 12-15 pounds on it.

  65. Trucker

    Good bang for the buck!

    Instructions weren’t the greatest but still took only about 2 hours to assemble. It’s a little wobbly when lowering it so you have to drop the top down carefully or that wobble will eventually loosen the hinge screws. A bar from one hinge to the other would help tremendously and I might fabricate one. Lifts easily and good height for eating dinner in the living room. Good value, would recommend to friends…

  66. Andrew mcelfreshAndrew mcelfresh

    I like it, so buy it. Dont think, just do

    Nice finish, easy as all heck to assemble… for those reviews that said it was a difficult build ignore them, they must have had the instructions upside down.. this thing slid together like butter on pancakes. BOOM. Seriously this couldnt have gone any easier, 1 phillips screwdriver and thats all ya need folks. It even came with extra parts UNLIKE ikea. Lifting part is smooth and it looks nice. For anyone that didnt know how to assemble it in the 3 hours it gives (took me 45mins) then buy me one, ill record me from beginning to end and you can watch and follow along because reading isnt your strong suit. 🎤Drop

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  67. Gabriela Chavez


    I love this table. It was simple to assemble as the instructions were pretty clear. The storage is great for candles, humidifiers, sage, tv remotes or anything really.Only thing is that it is a bit heavy but that’s what makes it sturdy in my opinion.Also if you have kids, be careful because the edges of this table are incredibly pointy. You’ll see what I’m talking about lol

  68. Kristin M.Kristin M.

    GREAT table, easy to build, opens easily

    This table was pretty easy to build, directions said 3 hours, I took me one hour. I did need help from someone to hold the top in place while I screwed it in, but otherwise not too bad. And it looks so pretty! It is pressed board, so not a high end piece, but I still it looks really good and for the price, a real winner! The box looked a little roughed up when it arrived, but well packaged inside and no issues.

  69. BunnyBunny

    Great table, Highly recommend!

    I love this table! We live in a small house with little storage space, I needed a place to keep our games but also wanted a lift top that I can sit on the couch and work with my laptop.This table was inexpensive and exactly what I was looking for, it checked all my boxes.The instructions were easy to read, it took me about an hour to assemble, all you need is a Phillips screw driver!I definitely recommend, you will not be disappointed.

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  70. Jamie Thiessen

    Nice table

    I love the table and it’s features. Would recommend for small spaces because it is wide and then becomes more wide once extended. I love mine!

  71. Raemar3356

    Excellent table, but

    I really like this table for its extra storage and ease of use. However, I do have a warning for cat owners. Apparently, they love to climb in here when you aren’t looking. I’ve got 2 cats. They are very vocal cats. The first time I couldn’t find a cat, I looked everywhere I could think of. Nothing, no sounds, no scratching and no meowing. More than a day later, I remembered my son had visited and used the table when he had a snack. I opened the table and there was the cat. 2 months later the same thing happened with the other cat. Great table , though.

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  72. Herschel J. Grangent, Jr.

    Assembly was easier than expected

    Our new house (of course) needed new furniture. We wanted a lift-top style coffee table to go with our recently-purchased sectional sofa and saw a very similar one to this at our local furniture store.But they wanted SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!This one required assembly, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I anticipated. The result is a very sturdy, very affordable addition to our living room.

  73. justemmaroojustemmaroo

    Great table for the price!

    LOVE this table. Took me about two hours to assemble, by myself with no help—and that was while working and also having to redo a couple of the pieces. Directions are pretty good, but be careful with putting the end pieces together. It’s incredibly sturdy and looks and feels high quality. Love it in my set up!

  74. Tiffany Antrich

    Cute multifunctional coffee table

    I was actually quite pleased with this. It is small and is great for an apartment. Assembly wasn’t too bad. It is much easier with two people but completely possible for a single mom. The storage is ample enough for two laptops, 6 months of magazines, and a box of Chinese checkers. Additionally, the storage is stronger than the larger, more expensive pieces like this I’ve seen.

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