Lifting Coffee Table with Cabinet-Natural Wood color

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This Lift-top coffee table combines high capacity and multiple functions.

The top lifts up and forward creating a work surface so you can work on a laptop or eat dinner while relaxing on your couch.

The hidden storage underneath the tabletop and the cabinet below give this lovely piece great storage capacity.

Chic and minimalist design, easy to clean and assemble.



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Assembly Required.


Color: natural wood color.

Material: Chipboard & solid wood leg & metal mechanical hinge.

Overall dimension:41″ L×19.3″W×(19~24)”H

Upper storage space height:14.3″L×35.5″ W×2.4″H

The bottom cabinet:12″L×10″ H

Ground distance:3″H

Board thickness:0.6″

Item weight:47 lbs

47 reviews for Lifting Coffee Table with Cabinet-Natural Wood color

  1. K. Swope

    Exactly what I needed

    I wanted to have a coffee table that could double as a dinner tray when watching a show or movie (but not something that I had to keep getting out and putting away) and this is exactly it. It is the perfect height for our lower-sitting couch and the perfect height when it is extended. I really like the extra space it allows us to have for storage both under the table top itself and in the cubbies. It is sturdy to lean on to write, but putting something heavy in/under it will make it easier to steady.

  2. Adam


    This is exactly what we needed for our living room/home office. When open, it the perfect height for a workstation, and when closed it’s a sturdy coffee table with lots of storage. Amazon sells baskets that fit perfectly in the openings, making all the clutter disappear, but keeping it within reach.

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  3. Sarah

    Perfect for the price, requires a screw driver

    I love this product. It comes with a good amount of storage space while still fitting in a small living area. My apartment is about 500 sqft so this table was perfect for me. However, please note if you recently moved and are buying this table that you do need a screwdriver in order to assemble it!!! This is a really sturdy table that will take an hour or two to assemble and you will need someone to help you when you are toward the end of assembly.

  4. Trigger

    Looks smart and is very functional.

    Very well made and sturdy, you have to put it together yourself, all you need is a Philips (star) head screwdriver.The instructions were self evident and easy to interpret. I put it together in just less than an hour, all pieces are numbered.The top lifts up to make it easy to work from or like I do eat from while sitting on the sofa !I like it as it looks good and is very functional and has lots of storage and protective corners on the table top.

  5. Bella O.

    Great table bad instructions

    Great coffee table. It’s solid construction but the instructions were horrible. Love the design.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Well worth the money!

    Our friend had this table and we asked if it was worth it. We ordered it and have been in LOVE with it. Of all the assemble-it-yourself kits we’ve done, this one is the most quality built. While it’s tedious to do all the extra screws/fasteners, it makes this truly a sturdy piece.The only negative: the stickers to label the different pieces are in places that show and are very sticku. I recommend taking the time to heat them and remove them slowly.

  7. hohlushka

    LOVE this table.

    Great value and high quality! I love how beautiful it is and overall actually very easy to install. It does help to have 2 people install the top in the end, but if you don’t have that option, you can also use a desk chair to hold the other side for you while you screw things in. The desk is much smaller than I expected, but it actually worked well for me because it ended up being just perfect for where I needed it. Highly recommend this desk, especially if you’ve put together other furniture from places like Wayfair!

  8. Kaitlin Ridings


    It was a little difficult to build but once it was put together it is amazing!!! We love it.

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  9. Len Smith

    Nice table. Good Value.

    Looks great. Works well. Doesn’t take up a lot of room. You have to be careful about following the assembly instructions but that’s reasonable. It’s not hard to assemble except for the last step fastening the table top to the table body. For two people, it’s a breeze. For one person, it takes a little creativity to work out how to get both the table top and the table body in position so that you can put the final screws in. But I’m a 78 year old guy not particularly great with tools or mechanical things in general and I put the whole thing together in about four hours. (And it only took that long because I took a lot of breaks as I wasn’t in any particular hurry.) It’s a very good value for the price.

  10. Kyra Molitor

    Beautiful piece of furniture

    I was able to assemble this by myself, just needed a second pair of hands with the hinges and putting the lid on. Very easy to follow instructions. The storage capacity is wonderful; I have my entire DVD collection in the bottom, and the concealed top section is great for craft supplies. This piece is low enough for a coffee table but high enough for a work space. I am very pleased!


    Very nice

    Easy to put togetherAnd exceeded my expectations on quality

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  12. Zan

    Nice table

    This is a really nice table for the price. It’s also extremely easy to assemble except (this is very important) towards the end it’s a two person job and you should really really really get an electric screw driver. Because theres about 30 screws that will kill you to put in and once they’re in, great. But you might lose ur hand ..

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  13. Alec

    Great product for the money

    I was skeptical on purchasing this table due to some of the negative reviews on putting it together and function of the lift top the lift top does have to be opened evenly but it lifts up very easy doesn’t feel fragile in anyway. As long as you follow the directions on assembly you won’t have any problems it all only tool you’ll need is a screw driver don’t over tighten the screws! The top could be assembled on your own but I definitely recommend someone to hold it up while you put the screws in.. make sure the lift top is facing the correct way I had to do it twice I put it on backwards. It’s been a couple weeks so far and we love it

  14. Ariel Irizarry


    It takes some time to put together, but it’s a great product. I use it for work very often in our small apartment and store a lot of my office stuff inside. My back and neck are doing sooo much better. It’s also fairly good quality as we open and close it every day and are not very gentle, but it’s still in good condition after a few months.

  15. KDC

    Easy to build

    This table was easy to build and it’s durable. Husband and I had fun building it together as our first piece of furniture we bought together. Love the color and we can’t wait to put it in our new home.

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  16. Andrea Catone

    Beautiful coffee table

    Surprisingly easy to put together. When I took everything out of the box, I was about to cry. (Not really, just hate putting things together) it looked like it was going to take a long time. But it really was easy and the directions were easy to follow. So simple. I love this table to much. Even at the end where it says you need 2 people to put the actual lifting top on, I just used a book and did it myself. It came out great and I love it so much. Also delivery was super quick. Delivery was supposed to be be January 11th and it came on January 2nd.

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  17. Nicole

    Perfect for small spaces

    Product came wonderfully packaged! The styrofoam was not the cheap fall apart styrofoam! It was in there and protected the pieces. All of the pieces were protected.Instructions were clear and it didn’t take long to put together. All together it’s a beautiful piece, well priced, and sturdy.

  18. M. K.

    Perfect to eat on and store items

    I really like the retractable table top. It puts your food or laptop right over you legs so you don’t have to lean forward as much. The way this was built you can lean on the top while it’s up and it wont tip over unless you use quite a bit of force. Plenty of storage space in and under the table. I seen a few tables similar to this table in some stores but not as sturdy and over priced.

  19. Jennifer Heffelfinger


    I absolutely love this table. With my son home for virtual school bc of the pandemic- it has been transformed into a school desk and stationary storage. I absolutely love it. The storage inside the desk, but also underneath storage where I keep books. It’s just really came in handy. There isn’t much closet space in my house or storage so we have to get really creative around here to keep in tidy. And this is just perfect for us.

  20. Lee Nash

    Love this coffee table

    Loved putting together and final product of this coffee table. Opening and closing this table is best done while sitting down and pulling it towards you. Otherwise any easy to knockdown items will be knocked over from the speed it opens if you don’t restrain it.

  21. Amazon Customer

    Nice coffee table

    I regretted not buying the bigger size of this coffee table thinking it will not fit my living room area. I bought the smaller dimension instead. I don’t know why some people said their instruction is vague or unclear. I am a female and I only read the diagram on how to build this coffee table. I assembled this table myself with exception when I need to screw the hinges inside the table, then I requested assistance to complete this part. Yes, they used lock key method but overall it is sturdy. Just be careful with the hinges part when you have small children as you don’t want their hand to get pinch when it closed down.

  22. ILikeMovies

    Extra storage is nice

    We use to have a lot of miscellaneous papers laid around the place in our office/living room. This seemed like a great option instead of a filing cabinet. Now we have all the papers/ misc. little stuff tucked away and organized where no one can see it. Just the feeling of less clutter is worth this table alone in my opinion. Nice color and we have moved it several times and it is still sturdy feeling. Great product.

  23. Sammy A.

    Nice looking, good quality table!

    This coffee table was exactly what I needed and works perfectly in my TV room. I was able to put it together by myself in a couple of hours. I’ve put together quite a few other pieces like this so I might say that I’m fairly experienced with this type of furniture though. The toughest part was putting the top on, which if I had someone else to help with that part would’ve probably been alot easier. The top also lifts and goes back down smoothly with very little effort. (No worries about accidentally closing it my fingers so far) Overall I’d say it’s very good quality and a great buy!

  24. Gregory M. Tokash

    Love this thing

    Not a whole lot to add, but the pictures are accurate. At this price dont expect to move it around too much or have kids playing on or around it. Its not going to hold up to much abuse, but in the right situation this things perfect. I am a couch eater and can put a plate and open top glass of liquids top, sit down, and (carefully of course) without spilling the drink, thats good enough for me. I have a tablet and some remotes on top at all times, usually a bluetooth speaker – normal coffee table stuff, this thinks been solid

  25. Lauren P

    Easy to put together until the lift top

    It took me probably an hour and a half to construct it, the lift top was a huge pain because you have to have someone hold it while you put in 16 different screws but the rest of it is super easy and just a matter of screwing screws and putting wood together. The finished product is wonderful and works great with a good amount of storage and I absolutely love it!

  26. FaerieClayMother

    Make Home Feel like Home without Breaking the Bank

    I was tired of our little broken square coffee table so decided I’d give this one a go as to not break the bank.The instructions were a bit confusing but it didn’t take much to figure them out. I accidentally did the legs backwards at first, but that was due to my own stubbornness.I was actually able to assemble the table nearly all my by myself in just an hour or two, but you’ll definitely want a second person to attach the table top. One person to hold it in place (you can’t just set it down or the screws won’t line up) and another to actually get in there and screw er in.Overall, it’s a great table for the price! I really like having the ability to keep the clutter OFF the table.

  27. Tbarone

    Functional but a doozy to assemble!

    This definitely took about 2hrs and one temper tantrum from a grown man to assemble. The directions were basically Hieroglyphics and no words. It was pretty simple until we got to the kid. The holes didn’t line up at all and we had to make our own and try three different positions to get it to close properly. Now that it’s up and functional it’s a great table and I’m glad we purchased it. The price point was reasonable and it feels sturdy and the lift top lid is amazing. Love being able to raise it up to use my computer or have a quick meal. Highly recommend!

  28. Mountainsandstuff

    Love it!

    This little table is a gem. I took a chance buying something like this on Amazon and I wasn’t disappointed. It took about 2 hours to put together and wasn’t terribly difficult. If you buy this, keep in mind it’s $100 – you’re not going to get a piece of fine furniture, but you will get something functional that looks nice! I love the storage!! My living room is suddenly (mostly) clean 😊

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  29. gary wingate

    Well worth the money. Assemble it methodically. Don’t be in a rush to put it together.

    The way the joints are connected, while you’re connected them they tend to fall back out even after you tighten them. Eventually after you get them all set up they seem to stay together pretty well without coming back out. If you’re good at assembly things (which I am not) I highly recommend this product. I wish the company would recommend something that you can put on the top of the table to protect it from stains, and water. I owned a coffee table similar to this and it took less than a year for the top of the table tobecome extremely ugly because the lamination or whatever process they use came off quite easily.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Definitely try to have a second person to help put it together.

    I think that this coffee table is perfect for what little space I have and it provides me with a fair amount of storage.

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  31. Aaron Alvarez

    Best Coffee Table I’ve Owned

    I had been searching for a nice lift top coffee table since my fiance and I moved into our new apartment. I work from home and, since we don’t have room for a desk, wanted something that would allow me to work on our couch. This table is absolutely perfect for that. It lifts to just the right height to keep my laptop at a nice angle, and it works perfectly for those nights when we want to watch a movie while eating dinner.It’s very sturdy and has a very nice finish. Assembly was fairly simple, it just takes awhile. It took two of us about 45 minutes to put together. Like other reviewers have stated, switching the last two steps during assembly makes it a lot easier.

  32. Amazon Customer

    Truly impressed for the price! But you will need help to put it together…

    First, the good: I am so honestly impressed with the quality of this coffee table! It is surprisingly heavy and nothing like the Walmart “put-together-yourself” furniture. It shipped extremely well-packed with corner protectors/styrofoam/and plywood. The finish was uniform and I found no imperfections. All holes were pre-drilled and all components joined together perfectly (VERY rare for put-together furniture).Onto the not so good: because of all the components of this table (having three bottom storage compartments along with the top storage piece and lid), it makes for several awkward assembly moments. You will absolutely need a second person to help with portions of the construction. Additionally, some of the directions were slightly hard to follow and took a few reads over to understand.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Beautiful piece of furniture and well worth the price.

    I absolutely love this table. It’s a beautiful piece. I was able to put it together in about 3 hours by myself. It says you need 2 people to get the top piece attached but I used a couch cushion and the top of a box to hold it up and managed it by myself. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. No buyers remorse here. The instructions to put it together aren’t the best but after a second look I was able to mange it quite easily. I love having this in my home.

  34. Kelly Allen


    This coffee table is perfect for my tiny house living situation. Although it’s a normal sized coffee table and is appropriate for regular size homes, it’s works perfect as a desk that I’m able to use while sitting on my sofa to work on my laptop. I just pull the top up and toward me and voila, instant desk! I assembled it by myself and, with the exception of installing the mechanism for raising the desktop, it was very easy assembly. With two people, the mechanism installation would have been easy as well. Perfect!

  35. Michele

    Great for zoom in our living room

    We game with friends via zoom in our living room it’s great to be able to tuck all our stuff in side and lift the top up for use of our laptop and camera so we can use zoom. The storage underneath really helps with all of our previous clutter. The table is a good height in both configurations though we did actually put some clear bumpers on the tops edges as it is kinda right at knee height for both me and my husband and we wanted to avoid any accidently knee bangs when moving around it.

  36. Blu Tiger

    Easy to put together

    This went together fairly easy. Just identify the parts and have them ready to put together. Instructions are simple and illustrated. Only problem I had was one of the nylon inserts spun while I was a screwing in one of the metal post. I just used a scratch owl to hold it while I screwed it in, then it expanded when screwed in and held firmly. Funny thing was, for shipping they put black corner protectors on the top part. I left them on till I was done assembling the piece and saw they were a very nice accent to the black legs. I was going to order some black metal corner protectors but, I decided to leave the shipping ones on for easy cleaning the table top

  37. Honest Reviewer

    Great desk

    TONS of under storage and interior storage.Desk looks good, functions good.Assembly was pretty easy,the top is a little hard to open up and you have to do it slowly or the thing will snap open and anything on top will fly off.Overall pretty good desk.

  38. Caitlin Snyder

    Fantastic table for the price

    I only knocked off stars for sturdiness because you need to take care with it. It’s strong, but it should be lifted with the weight distributed across the top. If you grab from only one side, it seems it may wrench the mechanics.No problems whatsoever, but it feels like it may be in the future!

  39. Sarah


    I am a medical student and so most of my days are spent studying. While I love my desk, I like to move around sometimes so I am not locked away in a room. My fiancé and I got this for our living room and it is the best. I study on the table top, and we even use it for eating dinner sometimes. We have had it for a month now and the only thing Ive noticed is the lift mechanism was stiff at first but has not gotten smoother/looser as we have used it. Pretty happy with this purchase and it looks great in our living room!

  40. Ariel Hendon

    So much space!

    The media could not be loaded.

     You can fit SO MANY THINGS in this table!!! I keep all our art supplies inside of it to help keep my living room organized and tidy. You can get felt or plastic totes to put in the bottom, which I use to put toys away. It has helped keep my sanity intact when it comes to my living room looking nice, despite having a toddler, and it keeps the art supplies hidden away so my kid can’t make huge messes. The lid is heavy enough to keep her out but light enough that I can open it with one hand. I’m a small woman with fibromyalgia and I managed to put it all together myself pretty quick and easy.

  41. HLS

    Love this table – multi-functional, easy to assemble and sturdy

    I was looking for table with storage and this was perfect.Assembly was easy, just make sure you pay close attention to the name of the screw packets (C or E).I did use wood glue for each screw as someone suggested. Use it for working on laptop.Ample storage under the lift top and also for decor beneath.I wanted a few more connecting screws and YaheeTech promptly sent some through missing parts link. Thank you.

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  42. Jeremy B.

    got exactly what i was looking for

    I gave a five star in sturdiness, but to let ya all know, i all so used gorilla glue in my assembly to add that extra sturdiness. I never assembled this coffee table with out using the glue, so have no idea how sturdy it is as is. In my ordering a lift top coffee table, i primarily looked at how tall the table goes once completed and the height is perfect as i notice other tables sold with lift tops, don’t necessarily get as high and therefore wouldn’t come up over my legs while sitting at my couch. I highly recommend this lift top coffee table.

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  43. Aimee

    Better Than I Hoped For!

    I was expecting a cheap, small table. I just needed something for when guests come over. I ended up LOVING this table. It was larger than I expected, fits my space so well and the pull out top is great for when my husband and I want to eat at the couch.

  44. Cheryl


    I really enjoy my Coffee table so I can put stuff in the top people don’t always realize that top comes up that’s helpful to know because I can hide medication there and don’t have to worry about someone stealing them it’s nice that a lot of people don’t know that the top does come up just for this reason know the point of this is that there is a lot of space on this coffee table for storing whatever you want to store in it I have my book pretty full and I still have room I like that

  45. Holly Haak

    Great Product, good packaging. Easy enough to put together.

    Overall, I am very pleased with this coffee table. It was packaged very well and arrived on time. Putting it together was easy for me although I can see why others struggle with it. If you’ve ever put together any IKEA furniture, then I’m sure you could do this. I was able to complete it all by myself, but the very last step is tricky and it will help to have someone hold it. Quality of the pieces is good. Only the legs are solid wood, the rest is some kind of pressboard. the pressboard seems to be of a good quality. I loved that the manufacture included extra screws, which helped when I lost one down a vent. I would order products from them again.

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  46. Amazon Customer

    Overall it’s great just examine directions carefully for each step!!

    I reallly like this table! Just finished assembling it. The actual assembly wasn’t bad at all, what was difficult was understanding the directions since there’s virtually no words, it’s all in pictures. BUT once you carefully examine the pictures and charts BEFORE you start assembling its easy. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of closely examining each picture and doing each step in order… a few times I didn’t carefully look at the label of each part needed in each pic, and missed a few steps and had to redo. If you take your time and double check everything before you begin the next step you should be fine. The pictures are 100% accurate down to the last detail and that’s the key to getting it right, it’s in the details of the pics….It looks great, and it’s quite sturdy and decent for the money.

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  47. Courtney

    Good work from home table

    I was a little overwhelmed when I unpacked the box with all the parts and screws, but the instructions were great and 2 of us had it assembled in less than an hour. It looks great and I love all the hidden storage. The springs are a little too good so have to be careful when I open it or things will fly off, but I’d rather that than flimsy loose springs. The pull up table is the perfect height for working from home on laptop or as a dinner tray. Overall very happy with my purchase.

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