AOSTIRMOTOR New Pattern Commuting And Hunting Ebike S07-P

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Outstanding design: The elegant and minimal design combined with our SW-LCD display, that’s cool.
Great performance: S07-P is equipped with a 500W motor and 36V13Ah lithium battery, which can be charged for only 4-6 hours, and can reach a riding mileage of 25-35km.
Easy to assemble: 90% pre-assembled. Our electric bicycles still require customers to assemble pedals, handlebar, front tire, display, etc.



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18 reviews for AOSTIRMOTOR New Pattern Commuting And Hunting Ebike S07-P

  1. Rex

    Love it but let’s see

    We bough two Aostirmotor bikes a couple weeks ago. We bought this one as well as their 1500w one as well. And let me tell you this thing HAULS. Maybe I have little context for ebikes but the thing gets you up to 25mph relatively quickly, and if you pedal assist it is really fun to zip around. The thing feel pretty light when pedaling even is assisted 1 or 2 but if you are at 3 it is essentially just pedaling itself which is great. My reasoning for this purchase was its a great way to trick myself into exercise, which so far has worked! I love this thing, but the mileage also ranges. For example you get zippy the first 30% of the battery but then your torque drops off heavily when the charge gets lower. This is in no way a problem, as that is just how electric motors work, but something to be aware of for those wanting this for “long rides on the beach.” Anyways the one bad thing thus far has been the 1500W came kind of…. lemon like. The rear tire had 1 full inch of sway, the brake squealed like crazy even after backing the pads off, and lastly the seat part of the frame has fallen into itself after the 6th day of riding. To be completely honest I do think this one may have been a dud, but I am currently working with their support department to see if I can get a replacement/repair done. So updates to come! I’ve heard good things about their support so we will see.

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  2. paul richey

    stout machine

    Met all my expectations, delivered promptly. Impressed on how well it was packaged. Assembly was nearly complete and only took about 20 minutes to finish up before it was ready to go. This is a heavy and stout bike, off road its a blast!

  3. Roberto Chapa

    My bike arrived with no battery many weeks still waiting on battery

    My bike is awesome. I haven’t received my battery, it’s been many weeks. It’s not light it electric needs it’s battery

  4. john mcdonald

    Easy assembly and fun to ride

    I am a 70 yr old with major heart problems , this bike lets me exercise and I can get home with the throttle… wonderful bike

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  5. Douglas E.


    I’ve owned this bike for a couple of months now and have put about three hundred miles on it. Here is my honest review:PROSPlenty of power. On a flat road, using pedal assist I can get up to 31mph if I choose too. I weigh 160 lbs.Battery works great. I rode my bike in pedal assist mode to a town eight miles away and back ( 16 miles ) and I still had over half my battery power left. I believe I could go 30 miles or more on one charge.Big tires give this bike lots of stability on trails, dirt roads, etc and its great for the beach.The “walk assist” mode is perfect for walking alongside the bike while pushing it up a steep hill.CONSNeed to be careful on sharp turns as the big tires make it a little harder to turn.Not a stealth bikeBrakes are a little weak so you need to keep them tuned.All in all I would definitely buy this bike again. I get a lot of looks from people on this bike. Seems like a lot of people don’t like them because they are big and powerful but I think most men see it and want one themselves!

  6. tkisko

    Nice bike with issues

    Pedal assist is too powerful! At the lowest level, it wants to get you to 11 mph in a second or two. Not safe around pedestrians, off road & in snow. Firmware does not allow you to turn off PA and leave throttle operational. I customized it by installing a disconnect switch to turn off PA when not wanted. The throttle alone allows you increase you speed at a much safer rate. Also on my bike the battery level on the LED display reads higher than the batter level on the battery itself. I ran out of battery miles from home with 2 of 5 bars on the display. Aostirmotor support sucks, not responsive, and offers little help.Be prepared for issues. Read other reviews here and elsewhere. I purchased from AliExpress and shipped direct from California Aostirmotor store.

  7. Don D

    An Excellent E-Bike

    Just a all around great bike. Well constructed. Overall assembly is quick with easy to follow instructions.I am 79 years old and do not have a problem riding this e-bike. It is safe with interlocking features that turn the motor off when the brakes are applied. The ride is smooth at the max speed of 20 mph. Love it. Great after sales service with quick and positive results.After purchase customer care is outstanding. I had. Minor issue which was taken care of immediately. Communications with this seller was excellent.

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  8. cqueenybee

    Exceeded my expectations…

    Awesome bike. Smooth ride. Well built machine with lots of power. Money well spent.

  9. Me

    3.5/5 Stars (rounded up to 4 because amazon still needs to fix it’s rating system)

    Fairly easy to assemble the main components, but the packaging generated 3 garbage bags of plastic (not counting the cardboard).Brakes need to be adjusted quite a bit, they didn’t even touch the rotor when handbrake was fully engaged. But since they use cheap calipers there isn’t a lot of adjustment so your pads will hit at an angle. Ended up buying an okay set of calipers to fix.Headlight does not work, and the seller would prefer to have the whole bike sent back rather than send a replacement light.Surprisingly long lasting battery.Motor is okay, not super fast but more than adequate for pedal assist.The lowest setting on pedal assist is ~300w so DON’T USE PEDAL ASSIST AT ALL unless you’re already up to speed.Overall, worth the money (paid $1300 in early March, 2021), just plan on fixing/upgrading bike parts upon arrival. Think of it as a “fixer upper”.

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    A byer can easily fall in love with this ebike.

    I enjoy everything about the bike…I just want an extra lithium battery for it.

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  11. J. DavidJ. David

    Sturdy, well made bike meets expectations

    I purchased this bike from a site other than Amazon, on a special deal. It was shipped to me by Aostirmotor and delivered about a week after I ordered it, and that even included a few days of weather delays. First impression is that this thing is huge compared to other bikes I own. It is a large, heavy bike with a fairly tall seat (even at its lowest setting). At about 80 lbs. it could be cumbersome for some users. I’m about 5’9″ tall, and 225 lbs., and find it manageable, but for someone less than about 5’6″, it may be too big.This is an entry-level electric fat-tire mountain bike. For what it is, and for what it costs, it more than met my expectations and my needs, at least for the level of riding I do now. For most users, it will likely meet their expectations and needs, as well. I ordered this bike to ride primarily to get exercise, but in my community we have a lot of steep hills, so I wanted an electric bike to help me get up those hills. Since I live on a hill, the electric boost on my hill is a nice way to end my ride (unless the battery is drained).The picture shows the bike in the packaging that it came in. It was well wrapped in protective foam, and well packaged in the box. I think the packaging was appropriate for this product. Assembly took around an hour or so for me, including unpacking it. Since I’ve worked on bikes since my childhood, most of the assembly was second nature, and the bike went together pretty easily. The only issue I had with the packaging or assembly is that I found a loose screw in the bottom of the box and have not figured out where it came from, even after about a month of ownership of this bike.Everything on the bike works as expected with minimal adjustments needed. I did find that I needed to adjust the brakes to center them on the disks, but the shift lever and derailleur worked well out of the box. There are even some adjustments that can be made in the controller, but the out of the box settings worked quite well for me.The components that are included are basic and entry-level, but they do what they’re supposed to and will be acceptable for most users.If you are an advanced/aggressive rider that takes on extreme terrain, this is probably not the bike for you. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner/intermediate rider and you ride on easy to moderate terrain, this bike should work well for you. I use it on the streets and trails of my neighborhood, and some moderate dirt trails in the forest around me. It works well for my riding style in the places I ride.As to battery life, it is very dependent on the terrain where you’re riding. I’ve ridden mine around the neighborhood and beyond, with a lot of ups and downs on the hills, and as the battery life diminishes, I can feel that the motor is providing significantly less boost than with a full battery. I suppose that if I didn’t ride on the hills I do, the battery would last a long time, but with the hills I ride on, it seems to drain the battery within a couple of hours of riding. At the full power of 750W continuous (a draw of over 15A), a 48V, 13AH battery should not last more than an hour, so my experience seems to be consistent with the battery’s rating.The only negative I can think of is that the stock brakes squeal a lot, especially when going downhill (at least for me), and with the size and weight of the bike, I feel they are barely adequate to stop when needed. I didn’t actually have any problems stopping with them, but they didn’t give me a great sense of confidence. I replaced the mechanical calipers with cable-actuated hydraulic calipers today, and the stopping power increased significantly, and the noise almost completely went away.All in all, I feel that this bike is a great value at its entry-level price point. I believe it is on par with other bikes in this market segment, including some that cost several hundred dollars more. It should be sufficient for many riders, as long as they can manage its large size and weight.

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  12. Geffrey

    Should’ve chosen a better bike 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Can’t really peddle when the power is off and the light from the head light doesn’t turn on, so it’s useless at night. But atleast it’s rideable when the battery’s charged

  13. marco

    excellent value

    bad seat poor tires everything else is good to excellent tuff dessert terrain has not slowed this e bike i paid $1200 and it showed up in one box with little assembly and fully adjusted. was riding 1/2 hour latteri do wildlife viewing and spend hours in open desert ..followed a wolf until he went into the mil res…then went into the sanctuary to watch the cranes …….fun fun fun

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  14. Kindle Customer

    Better hope you have no problems!

    Good bike for the money , just better hope it doesn’t break down. It worked good for about 350 miles then started sending error codes. The customer service is terrible. It took over 15 emails and 3 months to get them to honor the warranty. They sent used parts and it cost another $200 to get them installed! I won’t buy from them again.

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  15. Jason Schlegel

    I’m glad I purchased this item.

    I am very happy with this product I can see it give me a few years of enjoyment and exercise

  16. Customer Zero

    You always get what you pay for.

    Its the cheapest on Amazon, do you think it’s going to be great?Its really a 500watt motor, peaks out at 680ish, will still hit 28mph. Display doesn’t show volts just 25% increments.600 watt/hour battery, that means the battery is good for approx 1 hour of full throttle, the bike is geared well and can cruise on a trail with minimal assist so mileage will vary upon use.Wheel squeaked, it was a bearing seal. When taking apart noticed a stripped screw in the motor housing was shimmed tight with brass shavings. Battery is rebuilt, even the void if broken sticker was removed and reattached not on a seam. Battery also had 3 overtightened screws that broke the housing. All ‘easy fixes’ if you have the time, tools, and knowledge. But I feel safe assuming the bike is new but the motor and battery are rebuilt.

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  17. Mark G.

    Great E-Bike

    Very happy with my purchase. I love this bike!

  18. ralph chambers

    no battery charger

    Had to go to the manufactory to get one which cost me more money don’t buy from this company

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