High Quality Double Tiered Canopy Gazebo Tent

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Keep your outdoor events looking classy with this polished gazebo-inspired canopy tent that will instantly upgrade your outdoor activity experience. Eye-catching in design, this canopy is crafted with a heavy-duty sleek black steel frame with upper welded designs that pair beautifully with the beige cover. The sturdy metal frame is coated in a black powder-coated finish resistant to rusting, erosion, and insects.
Comes complete with zippered polyester mesh netting with PU coating, the inner transparent mesh can cover all sides of the gazebo while allowing for a gentle breeze to pass through, or you can utilize the outer UV-proof curtains to block out harmful rays.
Specially designed with a double-layer top to ensure smoke from barbecues can easily air out while grilling. The unique double-layer build creates wind resistance by dispersing gusts of wind for canopy stabilization, making for a secure shelter you can rely on.
This gazebo is spacious enough to accommodate your family and guest, providing a shady shelter for all kinds of outdoor activities like BBQ, street markets, trade shows, sporting events and etc. You can also push wind stakes into the ground to further stabilize the gazebo.

Relax and unwind outdoors in elegance with this gazebo-inspired canopy, ideal for providing temporary shade for both commercial and household outdoor activities such as barbecues, golfing events, sports games, and more with eye-catching class. With a polished look and quality build, this canopy has high functionality and goes above and beyond the basic requirements of a canopy – the elegant smoke chimney double-tiered canopy top and mesh netting are resistant to UV rays, and water and fire to keep you comfortable in hottest climates. Know your outdoor events have a secure shelter with the galvanized footpads for optimal support, a heavy-duty steel frame, and zipper mesh draping with cascading curtains that can be closed to completely cover all 4 sides.



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Product Dimensions 113′ H x 127’W x 127′ D
Item Weight 89 LBS
Eaves Dimensions(small one) 7.8′ H x 39.3’W x 39.3′ D
Top Weight 99LBS
Hanging Weight 154LBS


Canopy Material Polyester(PU coating)
Gauze Material Plastic fiber
Mesh Cover Material Polyester
Canopy Color Beige
Canopy Shape Square
Canopy Durability Water Resistant, UV Resistant,Rust Resistant
Opening Mechanism Zipper
Adjustable Height NO
Lighted NO
Pole Material Iron
Pole Color Black
Country of Origin China
Adult Assembly Required Yes

46 reviews for High Quality Double Tiered Canopy Gazebo Tent

  1. m.m.

    Very glad I purchased this one

    I live in Florida and it gets very, very windy here. Like Palmdale, CA winds. I was afraid that this thing would last 2 seconds. lol. But so far, so good! Definitely stake it down well with the ropes. It has withstood some very heavy storms already! As far as bug control.. eh, it’s okay. It certainly helps. But if it is windy, the zipped mesh curtains just fly around at the bottom so there’s that. If I were more ambitious, I could probably stake them into the ground. I hung some solar string lights inside, and I really love this thing. Keeps me dry. Not totally waterproof if it is pouring (there are air holes in the top canopy) but definitely provides protection. Very pleased over all, and would recommend.

  2. Lisa P

    My oasis

    Love this product. We screwed it into our deck and I’m amazed at the beating this can take. Highly Recommend!Note : if it’s windy and rainy the rain does come in through the screened sides, but that is too be expected.

  3. Justin and Colleen

    It’s holding up!

    So i put this on my deck about 4 weeks ago and we’ve had a few storms since then but it has held up! It is not waterproof, as in when it rains water still gets underneath. Which is disappointing but it’s still great!But I don’t have it secured down to the deck yet but I would reccomend if you know you are going to get some storms, lower it. Less of a chance of it taking off in the wind.

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  4. Maggie

    Enjoy nature without the bugs

    I’ve used this enough to say I like it. I can enjoy nature without bugs. Even during an average rain I can sit under the canopy and enjoy. Yesterday there was a deluge and rain did splatter in from the upper tier but thats a deluge for you. after a week I retightened the rope curtain hangers but no problem cord will relax. I have bungee cords holding it to a deck support and placed weights on the legs and no problem with winds. I give it a thumbs up!

  5. N

    Nice gazebo

    We take the to off when winds get up to 20mph. Over 2mph we lower and the entire top is removed for air flow. We like the bug screens which are easy to take on and off but we don’t need them right now on the river.

  6. Carol MortonCarol Morton

    Very satisfied with the durability of the gazebo after reading most of the reviews.

    I heard the gazebo was hard to assemble, so I hire a handyman to install it. However, on a windy and rainy day in Chicago I decided to take it down so it wouldn’t blow away. It was easy to take down and put back up. Now on windy and rainy days I keep it up and place bing bags around the legs of the gazebo. Still standing. Very happy with the gazebo and price.

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  7. K. HalpernK. Halpern

    Buy this!

    Great product and easy to assemble. I spent several hours outside last night inside the gazebo and there were no bugs that made it inside, despite having food and drinks.It really made it enjoyable to sit outside and not be bothered by insects. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

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  8. Doug G.

    Better than expected, great value.

    Put this on my deck for shade and protection from flies. Was able to put up myself pretty easy. Better quality and looks than expected. Holding up well so far, besides a small rip in screen. Highly recommend, especially for under $200.

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  9. Stephanie J.

    Great quality

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     Took us no time to put up love it just need my 3p piece set now .

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  10. Shirley

    Very Nice Gazebo, Great Customer Service

    This is a very nice gazebo that’s easy to assemble and to put away. I drilled holes in the patio concrete and secured it with masonry screws using the hole provided. If it gets too windy we lower it and secure the sides with bungee cords to a metal table up under. Very sturdy. Takes less than 5 minutes to lower or raise.We had an issue after about a year of usage, contacted customer service and the matter was politely and quickly resolved in just a few days.

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  11. AngelaAngela

    Great but missing pieces

    Really pretty and perfect for our space. I bought it in winter and just set it up because it’s spring and actually warm outside but we were missing clips and the string that goes around the inside of the tent to hold the clips. I have not been able to get in contact with the seller so I’m not sure if I can request or purchase those pieces. Otherwise it’s a great tent too.

  12. geniegenie

    Good value for temporary shade

    Recommend more than two people. We struggled a bit and read the directions they are important. Need to be strong to make the corners click into locking place but once it’s up it is great and adding screenings keeps most bugs out though not completely. Definitely worth the price. I added weights at legs to secure it and so far it has stayed up through two thunderstorms with strong wind. Doesn’t keep rain out so can’t enjoy in any weather but very happy with it.

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  13. online is the best

    Easy up

    Great Gazebo – I have it on the deck tied down to the railings otherwise it would have been blown off.Ok in the rain it does leak a little do to the holes in the top, but still a great buy.

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  14. Lauren Engle

    Fantastic Deal!!

    I’ve wanted a “pretty” canopy for a while, but the HUGE price tags scare me off because our area is super breezy to windy most days, our summer is hot and 99% sunny. I didn’t want to spend all the money for it to get ruined. I am very satisfied! It’s pretty and functional! My husband and I set it up in about 35 minutes. I could’ve done it myself, but it was much easier and quicker with two people. It’s made well. The netting is thick. As mentioned, our area is quite breezy/windy so we used both sets of stakes and I purchased the fillable weights which we filled with sand-we’ve already had two big storms and this sucker hasn’t budged! Similar canopy’s in the stores are almost double the cost.

  15. Luis

    Resist wind

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     Love the sturdiness. Easy to close but not to open.

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  16. Knitting and crochet science teacher

    Good gazebo

    I put it together by myself this morning. Not a problem. I am a senior woman. It took me about an hour and a half without help. I did not add the netting. I really don’t need it, but I added lights with zip ties around the top edges. I secured it to the deck railings at the top and bottom of the railings with super strong zip ties. It was pretty windy today and no problem. Love it.

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  17. Judith C. Goldie

    Practical & Attractive

    This is identical to our previous one but under a different brand. It is easy to put up and wonderful on our deck in the summer enabling us to have meals outside without insects and too much sun.

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  18. A. Novel Idea

    Has been up for six months!!

    Yes this is supposed to be non permanent… BUT I needed something to get us through last summer until our patio was completed next year. We live in Florida, it’s been up for six months straight and has been through rain, hail, severe wind and has no rips or tears or any damage. I did fill up sand bags and strap them to the legs which keeps it from flying away. This gazebo is great!

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  19. Elexis SmithElexis Smith

    Great for the price!!

    For the price we honestly weren’t expecting it to hold up so great, we are so impressed with this gazebo and it transformed our space without costing us a ton of money. We bought some 5lb weights to make sure it will hold up for a longer time and it seemed to do the trick. Also added in some curtains for privacy, it came with the bug proof mesh but no other curtains which is fine. It was super windy, rainy and we had hail that came through this whole past week and it did great!

  20. Mick LeeMick Lee

    Great product

    We wanted a good looking, sturdy Gazebo Tent to sit on our back garden deck and make it comfortable, rain ir shine, and that’s exactly what we got. My wife did most of the assembly, I just helped with the last stage of raising the frame into place, and adding the netting. We’ve sat under it in bright, hot sunshine, and it kept us a s cool as can be. We’ve sat under it in the rain, and it kept us dry and comfortable. We had one real downpour during a thuderstorm, and didn’t expect we’d be able to shelter under it. But the wind didn’t budge it an inch, and half an hour later we were sitting under it again. We had sandbags to anchor the legs, and also tied them to the deck… solid as a rock.It’s like having another room on the house, and great value for money!

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  21. Renee

    Good for price.

    We ordered this because of the price and I had read if soft top which features are best. I purchased 2 bags of play sand $0 and 4 sandbags for these shelters. Well, we had some pretty high winds and it stayed in place, so We are satisfied.

  22. VanessaVanessa

    Beautiful when it’s set up

    First let me say, you definitely need help to assembly this. I thought I could by myself and nope you need help. But this was exactly what I was looking for. It’s a temporary fix for me but honestly I actually like it. It helps with the shading a lot. It comes with the pins to hold it towards the ground but as you can see I wasn’t able to do Cinder blocks have to do. But this is a must buy

  23. Enysedae

    Great gazebo, but Must be staked!

    Got this a week or so ago and its fantastic! We absolutely love it, the price was great and its not cheaply made. A couple of days ago we had a high wind advisory for a day or so, i was afraid it would have been damaged or worse gone airborne but alas it was not damaged and still grounded. I did however add additional guy ropes to tie it down, and I feel the guys ropes are largely the reason it handled the weather so well.So note to future buyers: weigh down the four legs (we used 25lbs weights), and use the guy ropes to anchor it. We even went to Walmart to get 4 heavy duty orange stakes (about 1.50 each) worth it to keep our canopy from becoming a kite. Dont cut corners or you could be sorry.

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  24. B. Penza

    Nice looking outdoor portable gazebo

    Still early in the summer, but it has weathered 30-40 mph winds with no problem. It looks quite inviting in my backyard with a few chairs under it, and it’s easy enough to assemble with another person. Nice portable gazebo solution.

  25. Rheaddel

    It is liking adding a new room to your home.

    This is a well made item. We are very happy with it. We did secure it to the deck. It beats having an umbrella that always blew off the deck. We live in a hot area and no one used the deck in summer. With this people immediately started using the deck. It looks good and is very inviting.

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  26. TaraLee

    Holds up to Florida storms

    It’s easy to assemble love the extra length of the tie down. We screwed it down on to our deck as well and it has stood up through 2 pretty big central Florida storms. Would recommend

  27. Marguerite PoupakisMarguerite Poupakis


    This gazebo replaced a more expensive one and I am very pleased as to the quality of this gazebo. Very well made and can withstand a windy and rainy day. I was worried and thought of putting the gazebo down because the previous gazebo fell apart but this gazebo stood firm. It also is much taller than the old gazebo. It rained in the middle of the night with strong wind but it remained firm and stayed up despite of those conditions. Great product for less value. Definitely will recommend to anyone. 10 stars! I love my gazebo!

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  28. Shirley

    Great for backyard parties!

    We bought it for a 4th of July party. Still going strong. Outlasted another canopy (different company)that came down in a wind storm. Nice canopy. We are still enjoying it.

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  29. Amazon Customer


    I cannot brag enough about how this canopy sheds water! We have had so MANY collapse; this thing dumps the water continually, and has grommets to assist the process! Will definitely purchase again.

  30. JanineMI

    Great Purchase-Recommend!

    We have had this gazebo for a few months now and it has been great! It has been through a few summer storms with no issue, using weights secured to each leg. It is a comfortable place to sit on hot summer days. In addition to the sides, the top ventilation area is screened, keeping mosquitos out. It looks nice, too. It was very easy to set up, husband did it by himself. Our previous gazebo required two or three people to set it up. Now, I am on the search for side panels because we want to keep it up as long as possible into the fall. Highly recommend!

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  31. Ziggy

    Huuuuge canopy for a great value.

    I bought this when it was on sale for my backyard and didn’t expect it to be so big. Even so, I am on the short side and was still able to assemble it by myself, although it would definitely be easier with at least one other person to help. I live in the high desert and while it doesn’t rain often, when it does, it can come down pretty hard. This canopy has stood up to that and the unusual amount of snow we got this year but you absolutely need to get some cinderblocks or other weights because, like all canopys, the wind can take it for a ride. We get some pretty freaky wind gusts here and the fabric has so far held up. It’s big enough to fit a decent sized table and 4 chairs under it and the fabric roof is high enough off the ground where I don’t have to worry about our firepit catching it on fire. Customer service was the real shining star of this purchase though. I needed to get a part replacement, not because of bad quality, but because of operator error, and the company contacted me and sent out the replacement faster than some companies will answer a simple question. Super satisfied with my purchase.

  32. TM

    Beautiful and extra large gazebo

    Huge and lovelyWell worth the priceKeeps bugs out and most rain, but the top is made with several ample size openings which make it easy for a heavy rain to come through top. I didn’t buy this gazebo to protect us from rain, but to look glamorous and protect guest from direct sunlight and when eating, from mosquitos, etc. It did it’s job. Got a lot of compliments and it was easy to disassemble.

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  33. allee2011

    Great Company to deal with

    I purchased this gazebo and after the 1st week the wind blew it over. I reached out to customer service and they were fast to respond and very accommodating. I had a new one at my home in days. I appreciate the amazing service and will definitely be doing more purchases in the near future.

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  34. Dionisio

    customer service

    so I just want to say that there customer service is excellent. I purchase this item and had a issue with the tarp. they help me geting a replacement and everything was super smooth. I would recommend this company yo any of my friends who need gazebo. again I like how they handle customers and assure that everything will. e taking care off. 5 star rating for me. I would order from them if I do need another one knowing that I can have a smooth customer service If I need it. Pus gazebo that I received was very good and for the price they offer no other can beat.

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  35. Jay

    Survived 3 Major Thunderstorms and 1 Tornado Warning

    I was worried about it breaking and blowing over after reading many reviews but not anymore. It assembled (with help of another adult) in about an hour. But only because I forgot to attach the peak correctly. The directions are very simple and if you don’t have a building sense about you or no common sense, it will be hard to understand.We used the stakes to secure it and I worried when we had our first round of 60mph wind gust. It held up. Then another and another and recently a Tornado touch down only a few miles away. The tent is holding strong.We will take it down in the fall. We think the snow and ice may cause damage.Overall, this tent has been great. 3 months of weather testing, little kids working out the zippers, and a blind old dog running into the screens. It still looks like new. Sorry, I do not have any pictures to share. Just trust me that it is a good buy.

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  36. miamia

    Very Good for the price

    Good product for the money. I wasn’t expecting to much. But I really like this gazebo, easy to install if you follow the directions. I opted to leave off the netting since I just wanted to protect the ping pong table from the birds and tree waste. We had few days of very high winds and it’s still standing up. Didn’t brake or tear. The second pic is after last day and night heavy winds. I’m really happy it’s still there and in good condition. It’s really worth the value.

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  37. Tris P

    Set correct expectation for the product and its a Great company to deal with

    We have been using this tent for a season, and yes it broke.Similarly to the other popup tent, dont expect it to stand against very strong wind even if you have set the heavy post or other supports.We have it setup in the summer time, it is able tolerate relative big rain. it is survived couple times when we get wind warning notification. but eventually one of the strongest winds in early winter cause the beam to bend and the covers are tears broken.I have contacted the company, they are very very helpful and able to provide the part for us under warranty to repair ourselves.I think i will by it again in the future.

  38. Lonnie

    Glad I chose this one

    Instructions are lame. But, it’s easy to figure out. Strong mosquito netting and yet allows the breeze to come through. The powder coated frame ought to last a long way. Mosquitoes are bad this year. This Gazebo has been our Oasis. We smoke, so in the evenings we spend 2-3 hours in the Gazebo and not a mosquito sting. Awesomeness

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  39. MekaMeka

    Well worth it

    I REALLY enjoy this gazebo! It is exactly as pictured. It does take 2 people to put it up at least for me anyway and it’s quick to put up or take it down. This is NOT something you keep up everyday..I do check forecast to make sure I DON’T leave it up during rain or bad weather. I do have 2 weights on each leg to make sure it stays in place along with the stakes to secure it. We dont get much rain or bad winds so I can keep it up at least a week or more before taking it down. Had it for almost a month and still good as new. It actually has encouraged me and my husband to make our own pergola or permanent gazebo. We will continue to use this as well for family gatherings. Hope this helps anyone in doubt if the bad reviews are getting to you.

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  40. Senrats

    Great for shade!

    I purchased this for a baby shower we had. It provides great shade on a hot Texas day. Pretty good in the wind. I purchased the weights for these pop ups that you fill with sand. It was very sturdy.

  41. L.L.

    Coolest canopy!

    This is the perfect addition for spring and upcoming summer entertaining in our Savannah courtyard. When it’s finally cool enough to sit outside in the evening the mosquitoes come out and being able to hide away from them under this airy gazebo with the netting is wonderful. We are looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this! It takes 2 people to set up and there is a helpful video to watch beforehand. Everything fits nicely in a carrying case and so quite easy to transport and assemble elsewhere, like tailgating at a game in a park. Definitely a great value for the price!

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  42. Derek

    Works like it should!!

    Good product. Took a little time to assemble but not bad, make sure you have help!! All in all, I absolutely love it. Gets a little shaky in heavy winds, but make sure you get the sand bags to attach to the legs. It won’t take off. And they’re only like $20 extra. I’ve told lots of people about it and they can’t believe the price!! Well worth the money!I haven’t taken it down yet so I can’t review about that, I’ll try and update when I do

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  43. Missy

    Great purchase. No regrets.

    I wanted shade near my pool and to keep a portion of the slate deck cool for bare feet. It worked great. A big fan nearby kept air circulation. My daughter-in-law and I put it up. Ropes for mosquito netting were a little confusing but clearer directions would fix that. I put two outdoor love seats, a chair and two end tables inside. It looks great and the mosquito netting is easy to open and close and tie back. I bought bags to weigh down the legs which has worked really well. I was a little worried I threw away $200, but south Louisiana sun is very hot, and this was a big hit with family and friends who wanted a break from the sun.

  44. jacob morris

    Quality Purchase

    Package came quickly and appears exactly as depicted. Would 100% buy again over going into your local hardware store. Other canopies sold locally with similar products features such as the mosquito netting were double the price locally.My wife and I are happy with our purchase and happy to keep the mosquitos at bay.

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  45. Amazon Customer

    Looks nice and relatively easy to assemble

    We have this on our deck. Provides good shade from the sun and helps to enjoy the outside more often. The materials are relatively good quality and the netting is strong. The only caveat is we are not sure how the frame will hold up in strong winds. I think we will need to take it down when heavy rain and winds are expected and in the winter. Overall a good buy.

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  46. Amazon Customer

    Great customer service, fast and efficient.

    I purchased the canopy in Nov 2020 to enjoy sitting outside on patio. We have thoroughly enjoyed using the canopy day and night. We dont take it down after each use, really only if weather conditions are bad would we take it down. It is rather easy to setup or take down quickly, its easier with two people but can be down by 1 person. The reason for this review is due to a recent customer service experience. During an unexpected strong wind, the tent was lifted and because only two of the four sides were staked, one of the bars broke and ripped the fabric canopy. I wrote seller to ask how to purchase replacement parts on Apr 6, 2021..and to my surprise they responded within hours AND offered to replace parts free of charge. They provided a parts list for my convenience which made it easy to provide exact part. I received the replacement bar and fabric canopy on Apr 10…4 days from my initial inquiry. I have already replaced the part as it was quite simple. I would recommend products from this seller based on the quality of product and impressive customer service.

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