Surfboard Blue and Red 66.9″

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The main body of the surfboard is made of soft XPE, which allows for great shock absorption and has a high density that provides good buoyancy for beginners. The lightweight EPS foam core adds to the rigidity and strength of the whole surfboard. The slick bottom ensures you glide on the water smoothly. A set of three thruster fins made of sturdy plastic give the rider plenty of control on the wave; a high-quality ankle leash is included to connect you to the board so you do not lose it after a wipeout. With this complete set, you are ready to ride the waves!


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Color: Blue and red

Material: XPE deck + PP bottom + EPS foam core

Dimensions: 66.9″ x 18.4″ x 3.1″ (L x W x T)

Maximum load capacity: Approximately 198.4 lbs

XPE deck thickness: 0.1″

With traction padGreat beginner board for adults and children

Including 1 leash and 3 removable, plastic fins

45 reviews for Surfboard Blue and Red 66.9″

  1. Mom

    Great boards!

    After reading all of the reviews I was hesitant to purchase. I love these! We have been at the beach all week and the boards look brand new- no flaking, peeling, etc and they have been in the sun on the beach all week!!

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  2. M. J. Mcinroe Curtis

    This product was great it shipped very promptly and very fast it seems …

    This product was great it shipped very promptly and very fast it seems like a good product and it’s a great size for a kid to play in the pool with

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Awsome board

    Actually bought this a a display for my vw for car shows and it’s perfect

  4. marty sudut

    Needed a surf board

    I never intended to surf. I wanted to use it as a piece of art for an outdoor shower I built. Perfect color and I did not have to drive an hour to get it.

  5. Richard Eckert

    My Granddaughter loved it!!

    The surfboard is beautiful, and my granddaughter fell in love with it when she received it as a birthday present yesterday. She is 11 years old. It was perfect for her. We went to the beach (Ormond Beach in Florida) on her birthday, and she spent hours in the surf there. She was able to master surfing, in fact was able to get up and ride a wave the very first time she tried. Can’t imagine a better outcome. We’ll see how durable the surfboard is, but if the first afternoon is any indication, it looks like it will be just fine.

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  6. Suzanne F.

    Great for beginners!

    Great fun for the beach. I would suggest some board wax as the deck will get slippery with some use. It says 200 lbs. max but I wouldn’t go more than 100 lbs. I can surf and have for 30 years and this is a great starter board for a child or young adult. Soft deck is great for the eventual whack in the head you get learning to surf. Don’t expect it to last years but should survive a season or two.

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  7. Meghan

    Perfect for little learners!

    We love this surfboard!! We got it for our kids as a Christmas gift and it floats them well and is the perfect soft top for them to learn on. Durable for the kiddos. And as a side note: this totally floats my husband (avid surfer) no problem.

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  8. jay h

    Nice board dudes!

    My 6 year old is a huge Bethany Hamilton fan and had a great time with this board…great starter or kids board…nice and light and looks great and more importantly very sturdy

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  9. Belisa

    Lo esperado


  10. Flyniah

    Five Stars

    Purchased for my 10 year old granddaughter who wanted a surfboard for her birthday. She loves it

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  11. Fred

    Good quality for the money…great for young kids learning how to surf

    I really like how light and buoyant this surfboard is. I purchased it for my 6 year old who’s is learning how to surf.

  12. Aug

    It’s good for beginner.

    This summer I leaned how to surf. So I bought this board for my first surfing board. And I used it last weekend,it’s pretty good for me. It very light,easy to carry.

  13. L Baker

    Nice board.

    Fin attachment could be better.

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  14. Melissa

    Awesome Purchase!

    Bought this for my daughter for her 9th birthday and it has lived up to all expectations. It arrived quickly, the colors are great, it’s really sturdy and she LOVES it! You can’t beat the price. Would definitely order again and recommend to friends 🙂

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  15. John Mulford

    just as advertised

    shipped to the right address. just like advertised. my granddaughter loved it

  16. Christie Rainwater


    Good beginner board.

  17. Mariah


    This was a gift for my son. He’s hasn’t gotten to use it a lot yet but did get a run at the ocean waves once. The board is very light and easy for him to navigate even though he is only 9.

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  18. Lisa

    Works good

    My girls love the long board its great for sunning at the lake. Great for the money, they love it.

  19. A. Georgeadis

    Decent beginner board for cheap!

    Come on people, this is the lowest cost board you can buy that still works! My kids surf with this board and it has lasted pretty good so far. Just dont be stupid and leave in hot car or stand on top of in sand. The board top scratches and punctures easily, so just beware of this and trim nails. The board should last you a season, or just long enough for your kid to want something better when skills improve.

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  20. Anne P.

    Excellent surfboard for a surf theme room!

    We ordered this surfboard for our son’s surfer dude bedroom. It fits so perfect! Great colors, great style, lightweight, and a perfect fit! Highly recommend this!

  21. Mike P

    Good beginner board – use gorilla glue on the fins

    Great for young beginning surfer. Quick tip – before inserting fins put some gorilla glue on the fin and screw.

  22. saint garius

    Great for 5 year old

    5 year old loves it. He can even use it in the pool like a standup paddle board.

  23. Fernando Quintero


    Love it, bought it for my son and he is extremely happy.

  24. PJ

    Great board for kids

    Perfect beginner board for my 7yr old niece. She absolutely loves it. Arrived in time for Memorial day weekend.

  25. Ramiro

    Exelente tabla

    Exelente tabla

  26. Eileen andersen

    Perfect board for a kid or a beginner adult

    Perfect surfboard for somebody just starting out I bought this for my teenage daughter who just thought it out trying to learn how to surf it was the right price it is adorable it is well-made it is lightweight perfect for a beginner

  27. Cindy B


    Seems great

  28. Deana Stephens

    Great Board

    It’s beautiful and good quality

  29. Bonnie Winston

    fun in the sun

    great board great fun.

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  30. Drew Cahill

    Great starter board for a young child

    The board has been great all summer, only issue we are having is the top surface bubbled up in the sun it resets but you can not leave it out in the sun at all.

  31. Linda Bull

    Five Stars

    My grandson loves it!!

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  32. Kay Grening


    How happy it made my son when I gave it to him for his new baby girl.

  33. Steven R. Phillips

    home decorations

    i havent used this board for anything but to decorate my new home and carry the beach theme.

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  34. Julie Utt

    Great beginner board!

    Exactly how described! My son has been using this board for over a year now and still in tack!

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  35. R. G.

    Good Product

    Not a tough surfboard for rough use in big surf but very good as a display or “Light Use” in small surf.

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  36. heather Rivere

    Good for kids

    I did not want to spend a lot of money on something that my 6 year old was into (for the moment) . This board is great for her, it is light enough for her to carry. Its just the right size for her to handle on her own. It does great in the water with her. Myself on the other hand is 5’2″ 135 lbs and cannot use it. I would recommend this board for 10 and under or short light weight people. But for the reason we bought this board, it meets the expectations.

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  37. Raeni3

    Great Wall Decor!

    Bought this for a wall decoration. Abosuletly perfect!

  38. JL

    Really nice board

    Really nice board!!!

  39. Margarita E. Kovacs

    Surfboard light

    Make sure to take into consideration weight and height of child before purchase. This board is for a smaller child!

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  40. GQ

    Great surfboard

    My 3 year old grandson hits the waves in CaliforniaAnd loves this surfboard!!

  41. Joann

    Looks nice still have to put it in the water

    Liked it

  42. scott adams

    Tough, lightweight, functional

    The grand kids 10 yr old Sam and 13 yr old Hazel. They can both carry and use this board without assistance or supervision. They just love it and it is more than suited to their capabilities.

  43. David S

    Five Stars

    Great present and affordable. My 10 yr old niece loves it.

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  44. Esteban

    Five Stars

    Good product will by there again

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  45. ivano gagliardi

    Five Stars

    we only use it for decoration in the kids room..

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