Surfwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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When comes to inflatable paddle board performance, the pointed nose is super responsive in turning and tracking and easier to stay on track in a couple of strokes.  The paddleboard has a single removable fin, reducing water resistance yet increasing stability and tracking while tackling whitewater at the beach or paddling in bobbly swell with minimal effort. The 18lb lightweight Inflatable SUP board with no reduction in rigidity, stability, or quality, is compact and easy to place in a car or carry. The hand pump permits full inflation in 5 mins! A 5L water-proof bag protects your digitals, food, and clothing. The floatable aluminum paddle can be separated into 3 parts and the single large fin is fixed in only one push. Everything you need is included with this stand-up paddleboard!
SURFWAVE inflatable paddleboard is suitable for most conditions. A 6-point elasticated cargo system at the front can store gear for overnight camping trips without being long and heavy. 5 D-rings along the sides can be used to rig up bungees for fishing gear, waterproof bags, food, or set up a kayak seat, allowing more fun on the water. The inflatable paddleboard has a camera base at the front. You can adjust the angle for various kinds of shooting, such as exciting surfing moments, leisure paddling, relaxing yoga, fun fishing trip, and travel w/ your friend or pet. The camera base helps you record every moment on the water, just take a simple step to become a blogger with these paddle boards and share your lifestyle!! (camera can be protected in the 5L waterproof bag that comes with the package).
Internally, SURFWAVE stand-up paddleboards are constructed with a dense drop stitch pattern which adds rigidity when inflated optimally. The outside material is PVC with reinforced sidewalls treated with an anti-UV coating. The 33in width provides a stable platform to stand and paddle with confidence. The 330lb max bearing allows extra companions or travel gear. The anti-slip deck helps balance & control swiftly, soft and comfortable to kneel, stand or sit.


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44 reviews for Surfwave Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  1. Sax

    Good board

    Very fun board. Done 30 miles without complaints

  2. Review

    Great board, manual pump leaving much to desire

    Very sturdy build. I will say that it takes forever to inflate with the hand pump so I recommend an electric pump; if you want to actually get the thing to a ridged psi that will support standing.

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  3. Smith

    Great board !

    Love these! I’ve been bouncing around lakes and reservoirs in Nebraska with family and friends. I’d like to… Sometimes we go tandem and see people in one and no problem. If it’s choppy and I feel uncertain super easy to sit or Neil on. If I just wanna relax It’s easy to lie back and float around. Don’t forget lifevests and whistle’s to be Coast Guard compliant 🙂

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  4. Lacey Sowle

    Great product. We are going to buy another one.

    Great product! Would recommend buying an extra air valve wrench. But I feel that way with all paddle boards.

  5. Bob Z

    Convenient good value

    Good value for the money, much more convenient than dealing with racks , just throw in the camper. Nice size for bigger ridersUpdated to 5 stars after a couple of uses. Will be purchasing another soon

  6. Miriam Villiard

    Worth it in my opinion

    Easy to inflate but the last 5 pounds of air will give your arms a workout! Once inflated it feels like a real board and is easy to maneuver.

  7. Deborah FischerDeborah Fischer

    Love it! Freedom to blow up and Go!

    Loved the a freedom – blow up and GO! Easy to deflate….so much FUN!!

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  8. Cathy Bennett

    Great value

    Great deal, easy to use

  9. Perry Otero



  10. Riri

    Good quality

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     There is everything you need as a beginner. I know it is kind of too much for you to bump it up and then enjoy it. But I found it filled up pretty quick. Also I love the color of this board and the back pack come with it.

  11. Big Dog

    Fun Board

    This is a really fun board and at a low price point. We are using this board for flat water lakes. It’s pretty stable and I am not. We bought another brand’s board as well for comparison. We have 2 people paddling and we both prefer the different board. This board is sleek and tracks well. There could be some more details addressed. The handle on the middle of the board is just the strap and it’ll hurt your hand if you have to carry it very far. We love the handle on the nose. Lots of D-rings. Only 1 fin vs. 3 which is a pro & con depending. No instructions about how to use the wrench or why it’s included. Pro tip: Google SUP wrench. It’s an important detail. The other manufacturer didn’t include instructions either.

  12. MeredithMeredith

    Like 8/10, I dig it.

    Honestly I’m really happy with it. The only negative was that mine, the pump didn’t click into the valve so I had to hold it with one hand to inflate it, and pump with the other. That made it really hard and I could only get it up to 7psi when the recommended is 15.That being said, once I was on the water, it didn’t feel much different than a hard board, even with pretty nasty wind, and they’re sending me a new pump.

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  13. Katelyn M.

    High Quality

    Very high quality board and very durable! Only issue that I’m having is that it is hard to get the pump to connect to the board and stay there; it keeps popping off. I may look into getting an electric pump. But other than that, it is high quality and very nice to use.

  14. RochelleRochelle

    Great beginners board

    Lightweight, everything fits beautifully in the backpack! I absolutely love my choice of boards and there are a lot of them. I have now paddled on rivers, lakes and most recently the Pacific Ocean in Hermosa CA. Highly recommend this board!

  15. Carla DeGrande

    Well worth the price.

    Great board, stable, easy to set up. Can’t wait to take it out fishing.

  16. CYDCYD

    I love this board!

    I have had zero issues with this board. I love the look, I love the pointy front that tips up just a little bit. It’s easy to inflate, easy to carry, and is slightly wider than most for better stability.

  17. Edie Nelson

    So far so good!

    It seems to be a great product, very sturdy! I do have a hard time inserting the air pump hose to inflate the board. Because it does not latch as they say it should, I have to hole it in while inflating it–with both the manual pump that came with the product, and the electric pump that I purchased.

  18. Karen ClementKaren Clement

    Great Beginner Board!

    Love this board! This is my first inflatable board. Very easy to inflate. Stable on the water. Looks great! Easy to carry!

  19. Thais

    Came without the accessories

    Came without the accessories. I hope that will be solved quickly, I’m dying to get into the water.

  20. BarryBarry

    One of the best looking premium boards on the market

    We purchased several of these Surfwave boards for the whole family and we all love the performance,the look and the quality of these paddle boards.Customer service is top notch,they respond and resolve any issues very quickly.We have had other brand paddle boards before,but have become Surfwave customers and couldn’t be happier with these premium paddle boards..

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  21. Jayson

    Very good for beginners

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     This paddle is easy to inflate and great for beginners to play as you can see from my boy, he just learn hope to play this paddle and already okay play by himself. Good price and light weights for this paddle . We have love to play it.

  22. MZ

    Great paddle board!!

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     This paddle board is very easy to setup, and it is light weight which is easy to carry and stable. The camera mount at the end of board is handy, I used GoPro to take some awesome videos on the water which the fun time of my kids and I.

  23. Amazon Customer


    I have never had an inflatable paddle board but have tried them out. I have had this board since July 2021 and have had many hours of fun. This board is perfect for a beginner and beyond in my opinion. Easy to inflate with the hand pump in about 5 minutes or less. Hard surface, making for a good standing surface, easy to maneuverer. I have not been in high winds or waves so cannot speak to that. Great fun and easy to transport.Have had board since June lots of fun. I have read some of the issues with the pump I did not have any issues with the pump, board or paddle.

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  24. RZRZ

    Perfect for summer

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     Installation is super easy. It takes about 6-8 mins to fully inflate the boat. I use it to as a leisure boat instead of surfing. It works just fine. My daughter also love being on the boat.

  25. Jose

    Great product, I love it

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     I’m a surfer and this is what I want.It soon came to me.It comes equipped with a double-acting pump, a detachable hose, a repair kit, a waterproof phone case, two floating arms, paddles, boards and large detachable mid-fin and a backpack.I took my daughter with me the first time I went out to sea so she could jump in for a swim when we landed.So I know it can take 170 pounds of me and 100 pounds of minors without sinking!This is by far the best investment I’ve made in myself in a long time!

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  26. kenton porter

    Great board

    Very easy to use. Had a hard time inflating the first time, but adjusted the valve with a screwdriver and worked fine after that. Feels very stable and would be good for beginners

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  27. Amazon Customer

    Amazing product

    I bought this product couple of months ago I have been using it in the lakes and the product is very good easy to transport and easy to fold.

  28. CherrieCherrie

    More stable than I thought

    I took a leap of faith and ordered this online. Arrived in 4 days. Took it to the swimming pool to tryout before going to the lake. Very stable for a inflatable board. We only pumped to 8 instead of 12 on the instructions, because we were tired of pumping. Seems ok. Deflating was easy but kind of a two-person job.

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  29. ChelChel

    Favorite summer toy!!

    This is a fantastic paddle board!! It’s stable, easy to ride, stylish, and very portable!This board is several inches wider than my old paddle board and it’s a bit deeper also. The wide design makes for a very stable and comfortable ride. It’s easy to manage even in high winds and even for beginners!I love the way this paddle board looks the wood grain pattern also cheery blue and purple colors 😍It has stretchy straps that can be used to hold your cargo such as a life jacket and water bottle or flip flops. It also features a go-pro mount which is SO awesome! I can easily mount my camera securely to capture fun footage in the water!It’s easy to fit all the parts into the carrying case which has backpack straps and a top handle. The paddle board has a strap to secure it when folded. The foot pump is pretty easy to use and the pressure gauge is easy to read. There is even a dry bag inside for your extra gear!

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  30. Eyal RazEyal Raz

    Great SUP (5 stars) with not so great addons (3 stars)

    The board itself is perfect: balanced, stable, easy to maneuver, pretty, easy enough to inflate (as in other boards, hard to ramp up to 15psi but not terrible. We bought an adaptor for the car pump).Overall, 5 stars board that delivers for the price!The only issue is with the addons and finish:1. The air valve looked funky, almost as it is going to be ripped apart (I inflated it for two days without air loss and used it a couple of times without leaks, so I guess it is just cosmetics, see photos)2. the pump is CHEAP… cheap plastic, not two ways so you can’t take the air out with it and the connections are smeared with glue. Also while pumping there is a constant hissing sound, I guess some air leak. I’m not happy with the quality of the pump, but it does its job.3. Deflating: as this is my first SUP, I took a look at the “manual”, which was outdated. The “manual” said something about pushing and turning, but there is no way to do it. I ended up plugging JUST the hose to the board so the air is rushing out. I might miss something but there are no instructions in the “manual” or website.4. The SUP had old glue (?) marks on it, see photo. Purely cosmetic and I think it was washed off by the waves at some point.In conclusion, I wish the pump and the “manual”/instructions were better, but the board is a great product and I still highly recommend it.

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  31. Amazon Customer

    Good price

    Worked good

  32. Tiffani Swanda

    Some imperfections

    I ordered purple and was sent blue. Then I’m inflating the board, and the PSI gauge on the pump is broken right out of the box on the first use. Good for it’s price I guess, but I would’ve liked to have gotten the correct color and a working PSI gauge to see how inflated the board is.

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  33. Andrew

    Box to water in minutes.

    Super fast inflation and a strong board. Dogs swimming alongside attempted to hop on (unsuccessfully) and material held up awesome. Comes with everything you need for a great day outside.


    great paddle board

    We love it! Very sturdy, even with kids. The fact that it is so portable allows us to use it more than our kayak. It’s difficult to figure out how to pump it up at first because it seems like you are doing nothing forever but it eventually inflates. You have to fold it really tight to get it into the backpack. The extra hooks around the board make it easier to attach ropes and coolers.

  35. Jennifer Larsen

    Great board.

    Super convenient for a quick trip to the river.

  36. Emily S

    Great quality board

    Great quality

  37. Lindalee

    Color was off

    Like only used far , hard to pump alone

  38. harry m dodge III

    A staple piece for the summer

    So easy to use! Instructions are clear and I feel so safe on this. Gotten lots of compliments!

  39. Floyd M.

    customer service is A1

    i like how fast custmer service work to get a air pump replace for me in day not week i hade a new one this is a good thing thank you

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  40. Kenneth Griffin

    Would Recommend

    The board is great! Love the colors, my girlfriend and I are both happy with them. Inflating them took a little bit of time but otherwise no issues!

  41. Lutchie C.Lutchie C.

    Great Product

    Easy to inflate. Easy to maneuver. Very light and stable. So far so good.

  42. Mrs T

    Make sure your pumps works before heading out

    Great boards. Luckily, we ordered two of them as the pump in one of the sets doesn’t attach to the inflation port on the board

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  43. Daniel PetersenDaniel Petersen

    Easy setup, can’t wait to get it wet tomorrow!

    Arrived on time, everything here!

  44. fredccrfredccr

    Impressed by its sturdiness and quality build

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     Everything came within a very compact package and the deflated board can fit in the provided carrying bag easily. The board is very spacious, no problem having my 5 years old son sitting on the front.Two tips on inflating and deflating. To inflate, push down the pin and twist clockwise at the same time until it gets locked at the low position, then insert the pump head and turn to latch on. The pump has its own pressure read and it does require some strength for the last 20 pumps to reach 14 PSI. To deflate, simply push down the pin, but be prepared, as the air blast is big at the beginning.Try it out in a shallow lake and very impressed by its quality build. The board skin is very thick and sturdy. I was initially worried as the bottom scraped some bedrocks in the water, but it turns out no scratch at all. Recommended it to a friend and he bought it as well.

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