Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo, Countertop Convection Oven with 4 Accessories

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This air fryer oven includes multiple cooking modes for all your cooking needs: air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, toast and keep warm modes. Recipes are included to help you start a gourmet feast.
Different from the traditional way of cooking with hot oil, air fryer adopts high-speed fans to circulate hot air throughout the appliance for desired fried finish. Also, it maintains the crispy taste of the traditional way.
Four knobs with clearly marked lines help you control the time, temperature and cooking mode effortlessly. And the knobs are insulated, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned.
The countertop oven comes with 4 dishwasher-safe cooking accessories including fry basket, oven rack, baking pan and crumb tray. Stainless steel with nonstick internal cavity is super easy to clean up.



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Timer: 0-60 minutes,Temperature: 0-450℉;
Functions: warm, Broil, Toast, Bake, Air Fry;
6 heating elements, 4 on top, and 2 on bottom;
4 mechinical knobs: timer, temperature, function and toaster timer;
Interior light with light button control;
power indicator;
Transparent visible window, visible cooking;




83 reviews for Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo, Countertop Convection Oven with 4 Accessories

  1. Flavio Lugli

    Amazing Product

    I heard from a friend about this product so I bought it. It works amazing. It does practically everything. I use it a lot for my meat and vegetables cooking, and my wife uses it for her cakes and for her b-fast, it replaces all other things mostly. I had it for a bit, and never had a problem with it.

  2. Libby L.L.

    Makes cooking easy

    Great compact oven/ air fryer. Easy to useand prepares food thoroughly. Deep enough inside to hold more then one dish.

  3. J. Chlopecki

    Best Toaster Oven/Air Fryer I’ve ever bought!

    Without a doubt the best toaster oven. The air fryer is a bonus. The only thing to be careful about is your timing. It cooks so much quicker. Highly recommend!!!

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  4. Reno

    Bought 6 months ago but waited to review

    I wanted to make sure we loved this after time before reviewing. I think I love it even more!!Baking is easy and so much better than my oven as we only cook for two.The airfryer is amazing and even sweet potato fries get crispy!!!Clean up is a breeze, I can’t believe how easy it has been honestly.I cannot recommend this enough. Zero problems with it and zero negatives too

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  5. Joan

    I recommend this product. However I just saw the item

    It was larger than I thought it would so it was a little overwhelming. Took my time reading instructions, so glad they came with instructions. Once I made my first meal, simple chicken thighs, it was easy, quick and delicious. I now can step up my meals. It is so easy to clean, really no mess inside at all, just wipe with damp paper towel. The chicken was so tender and French Fries crispy.

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  6. Ja Cabana

    Convenience of the perfect size with no preheat

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     It worked wonderfully! No preheat. That is what quickened everything. The video is the under side of one of those Totinos personal pizzas (plug for them). Made it perfect. Crispy. Just the way I like it.Looking forward to the next and the next and the next thing I’ll be trying.

  7. Annette Schmidt

    Super easy to use and clean!!!

    What I liked about the geek chef, is that is has everything in one machine. I use it for everything. I love baking in this machine. All the food is cooked evenly, I don’t even use my conventional oven at all. I love to toast my bread every morning, the broiler is great when you want to cook a speedy meal. The air fryer I wasn’t to pleased about, but than again I’ve only used it one time. I don’t know much about air frying food so I probably just need to try a few more times. It’s the best and only machine I cook in. The microwave I own is just collecting dust. I dislike cooking food in it since it makes everything soggy.I warm up my food in the geek chef all the time.

  8. LanceLance

    Great product and customer service

    After using the oven pretty much every day. it just quit working after a year. I contacted customer service and they promptly replaced the oven after I provided a video showing the old one wasn’t working.(One company that doesn’t honor their warranty is MacKissic in Parker Ford, PA.)This Geek Oven does a great job with pizza!

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  9. Odies mom

    If your in an RV look at this!

    I got this for my RV and its perfect. It saves on propane and cooks evenly and quickly. Give made a lit of bread, pies and cookies and no issues. I haven t tried the air frier feature but I like having it so I can have a 2 in 1 appliance in small quarters.

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  10. Jeanne

    Best air fryer plus toaster

    I love thought of eating healthy with no grease. I made chicken fingers and French fries at the same time this week and they were both crispy and terrific! What a creation. LOVE IT

  11. Arne


    It’s a kick ass cooker I haven’t tried all the features yet but the air fryer Cooks burritos and stuff perfectly I have no reason to think the rest of the features will be any less. I’m very happy with it I would recommend it to my friends

  12. YourTallFriend

    Not the One He Wanted. But It Gets Used Almost Daily.

    He wanted an air fryer but this wasn’t the type the husband wanted. Didn’t end up mattering though; he and the grown teenagers in our household as well as myself all use this thing almost on a daily basis. Make sure you have the counter space though, it’s not small.

  13. GreenMama

    Loved, until it stopped working

    This has a very large capacity and cooked food quickly. We especially liked the bake, convection, and air fryer modes. Just under a year after buying it, the adhesive on the knobs melted, one knob at a time, making the knobs unusable. Then it randomly stopped working. We loved it when it was fully functional, but it didn’t last long enough.

  14. OSOG

    Great Quality Easy to Use

    Easy to use and great air fryer. I got the combo so I could use it for everything from a toaster to an oven to an air fryer. Each setting works great and I now Air Fry EVERYTHING lol

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  15. TeeDee

    worth it

    This oven is the greatest little oven for the price. If you have a family and you cook pizza a lot this is for you! It cooks pizza in 12 minutes! Only to leave it crispy and well done in the middle. The oven is a little bit smaller than the other one I had but over all this is a must have! Especially during those extreme heated summer days that you just do not want to heat up the whole house! This little oven rocks and gets hot without effecting the temperature of the room! Would buy again in a heart beat! Thank you A+

  16. Ms Henderson

    It Is great.

    I love everything about this air fryer. And it looks great in my kitchen. Great buy. My oven stopped working in my home just before Thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to make dinner. I was upset. But Christmas was great because of this oven. Is was very easy to use and it’s so versatile.Thanks Amazon

  17. leeskylou

    so far so good

    Just got it and it works as it is supposed to. top stays fairly cool when in use sides get fairly warm but not real hot back gets hot but at 4 inches from wall, wall does not get warm. one side is 2 inches from refrigerator and does not make the fridge warm. If it stay good I am very pleased. Like I said, just got it so can’t review the quality of its life. I will review again in 6 months.

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  18. Kris S.

    Excellent quality!

    I use it as an air fryer or as an oven on a daily basis! Had an air fryer previously it smelled every time it was on like burnt plastic, not this one, it’s all stainless steel and excellent quality for a great price!!

  19. starlight

    No power after 5 months

    Purchased this geek air fryer the end of November 2021 and used once or twice a week.After five months there is no power to the unit.UPDATE: seller replaced my geek air fryer with a new one. Once they were contacted they immediately contacted me and replaced the unit.Extremely happy and satisfied with my purchase with this seller.Happy camper currently baking cookies.Thank you!

  20. CLM

    Love this!

    We use this product every day. So happy it has a toaster option. The air fryer is fabulous. Would buy again.The back of the unit does get hot so be careful the electrical cord is not resting against it…learned the hard way!

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  21. P Visser

    This is my go to piece of kitchen equipment!

    I hardly use my large oven any more. I bought a 9X9 pan to use to bake in and with the pieces that came with it I use it daily. I have used every feature and I love this!!! I originally had the other kind of air fryer and gave it away as I love this way better!

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  22. RayRay

    Super quiet, cooking + air frying is superb!

    Had to get a new toaster oven / air fryer appliance because the Emeril’s one broke (see many posts regarding Emeril’s door breaking). So happy I purchased this one! Everything simply cooks better on this and I’m not sure why. It’s extremely quiet compared to the Emeril’s and is a better air fryer than the standalone air fryer devices! This is also a much more even cooking and much more powerful oven. In fact, the air fryer is so good I cannot believe I’ve been missing out so much. 350 degrees everything!

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  23. ENC living

    Fantastic customer service

    I have had this item since December 2020 and it cut out on me. I contacted Geek Chef about it and they immediately sent me a replacement. We love using it so it is a relief that we received a brand new one. I’m impressed by the great customer service of Geek Chef!! You guys ROCK!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Great item, and great customer service

    I bought this in Nov of 2020, I loved it SO SO much. I used it most everyday. However, it got broken 6 months later… I contacted the customer service there, they sent me a new one right away. I am happy that I get to use this again :)) I love the size of 24 QT. Great size for family of 4.

  25. David Makin

    Fantastic for everything but toast. Highly recommended. Very happy with it.

    I really love this! It works GREAT. Easy to clean. Had dinner everything we’ve asked of it…Except toast. It does toast. But it takes forever and it dries the bread out a lot. But it’s great at everything else.Highly recommended for everything but toast. 3 stars for toast.

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  26. Carol Jarnutowski

    Good but it’s a learning process

    This is my first air fryer combo. I’m learning to use it. Could have used much better instructions about pre heating, using the unit as an air fryer. Used it to bake green peppers and it was great.

  27. rick s.rick s.

    Great looker, great cooker, easy cleanup

    We used a smaller 6 quart basket air fryer for a number of months but found the capacity limiting (and kept burning our fingers on the sides) so this 24 quart seemed the obvious choice. Amazon had a good deal going so we rolled the dice since it seemed to meet our needs sizewise and the functionality looked good.Did it ever! My gf cooked salmon and roasted some veggies (brussels spouts and carrots) and the results were better than the smaller air fryer we’d used for so long. Crispier (but not burnt) veggies faster. The salmon had a nice char on the outside but tender / juicy / perfect on the inside. Better yet, she did both of them at the same time (the old fryer required twice as long because you couldn’t cook things on different shelves at the same time.)The toast function is also a thumbs up. I’d heard warnings on reviews for other air fryer about one side of the bread being cooked and the other not but quickly figured out that by placing the bread on the top grill shelf, the top of the bread got toasted thanks to being closer to the top element and the bottom still cooked just fine since the heat from the bottom element rose and still toasted the bottom. Since we’re getting rid of our toaster, this makes extra room for this fairly large appliance on our countertop.The controls are fairly intuitive. It took us a moment to figure out how to activate the oven but two minutes with the manual answered all questions and it makes sense now. You do have to estimate how long you want something to toast (the far right dial functions like an egg timer) but I know for me I like it just a tick past medium.Clean up is a breeze so far… just wet and wipe. Far easier than the old fryer which had a paint layer that quickly began to bubble and then peel and look disgusting over time. And this appliance looks good on the countertop. A nice clean stainless steel look that suggests we spent more money than we actually did. So far so good… two thumbs up way up.

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  28. Randy Reeves

    Awesome customer support

    It worked well for 10 months, then the top element quit working. Since it was still under warranty, I emailed their customer support. The reply was quick and to the point. I took a picture of the plate on the back of the oven and emailed it to them. Within 2 days I received a brand new oven as a replacement. I appreciated how quickly they handled the problem. That hasn’t been my experience with other manufacturers so I was pleasantly surprised.

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  29. Mary C. Hill

    Great machine!

    I love the interior light! I can see what I am cooking. The controlling nobs are easy to turn.

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  30. Jennifer

    Great customer service!

    Stopped working 07/25/2021Not even a year after purchase.08/04/2021Update!!!Customer service reached out to me! Replaced the Air Fryer Toaster Oven and it works beautifully! The customer service sold me on this product. Products sometimes malfunction, but the service provided shouldn’t. Well done!! Highly recommend.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  31. konstantinos arniotiskonstantinos arniotis

    New family member.

    I love this guy. The oven fits perfectly and looks great. An awesome addition to my family. Thank you.

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  32. The Z’s

    Great Oven!

    We have used this to bake frozen pizza and it actually comes out better than my oven! Bagels, English muffins and bread comes out great using the toaster feature. We haven’t used the air fryer yet. It’s super easy to clean, doesn’t take up much counter space and works great! I would highly recommend this oven

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  33. M. BlaneyM. Blaney

    Just like a real

    Our oven broke and we wanted a quick replacement. This is so handy – we may not even replace the other oven! 5 stars!

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  34. Tamara B.

    Air Fryer. Healthy Choices are so easy!

    The Best Air Fryer!!!!!!!!! Love love it!!! I have never owned a microwave, It reminds me of a much more fancier Toaster Over. It’s like Restaurant style food every night. Also Healthy Cooking. #Bariatric #vsgjourney

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  35. Connie

    Toaster Oven/Air Fryer

    I really like my new Toaster Oven/ Air Fryer. It works great on the toaster function, on the oven function and on the Air Fryer Function. I’m enjoying the air fry function. Wings come out perfectly on Air Fry. It is easy to use. The dials are easy to read and use. I would recommend this product.

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  36. Lori


    I have used this for months now. I hardly use my oven anymore. This thing is so wonderful. Cooks so good. No pre heating. You have a choice to air fry or bake. It bakes great and air fries great. If this one ever breaks down I will be buying another. So easy to use.

  37. Phil M.

    Stopped Working after 5 months

    DO NOT PURCHASE ! Read all the reviews where it stops working after a few months. No company website. No customer service.

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  38. Valerie

    6 months and I’m buying another toaster oven

    Bought this toaster oven/ air fryer on a Black Friday deal. Here I am 6 months later having to run out and buy a new toaster oven. It just slowly stopped toasting. So I went on the trouble shooting page and I cleaned the burners like it suggested. It worked once or twice but this morning nope it didn’t even want to turn on. So I grilled my toast the old fashioned way, on the stove. Very disappointed, especially since it’s passed the 90 warranty I have to buy another toaster oven.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Accurate cooking temperature

    We purchased the Geek Chef and really like it. The look is clean and neat. It is easy to clean.It cooks the food evenly and quickly.Really like the light in the oven.It’s nice having 1 appliance instead of 3. We were able to eliminate the toaster and small oven and small air fryer. We can air fry a complete meal rather than in batches.We are glad we made this purchase.

  40. smoreno

    10 STARS! Amazing, spectacular item!!

    My double oven broke and my replacement won’t come in for 4 months! This little toaster /oven/fryer is Heaven sent! I think it cooks better than my double oven! Amazing, I’ve baked cupcakes, cooked frozen dinners, casseroles, and it’s fast like super fast!! Even baking… I’m amazed. I’ll looking to see what else this brand sells!!! 10 stars

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  41. Susan E. Stonaha

    Love everything about it

    This air fryer/toaster-oven/broiler is a dream! I have found it very easy to clean and to use. It doesn’t come with a manual and one is supposed to get the manual online, but I never did and I have no trouble using it. The air fryer is something née for me, so it took me a while to get the feel for the proper tome and temperature, but all is good now. I love everything about it.

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  42. mountainmama

    Home-made fries in 20 minutes!

    We love the simple design. capacity, and versatility of this air-fryer. Knobs instead of a digital display should be more durable. The oven seems well-made and sturdy. When our oven glitched after six months, the seller immediately replaced it–and the new one seems to have a few minor design improvements.

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  43. Alpha Touch Therapy Inc.

    Best Customer service ever

    We purchased the Air Fryer last September and were very happy for a couple of months: first the toaster went on and off, then the rest of the functions. We talked to the Amazon rep who was very helpful, opened a claim with the manufacturer, and received an excellent Customer Service. They responded within a few hours to the claim, we had to submit pictures or a video of the mal-functioning, and within one week they mailed us a new appliance. When we received the new one, we realized that the first one was not in it’s original box (just the brown carton), some paperwork was missing and the sides were not tapped. It did not “smell” like new. So they must have send us then a return…. so just make sure that you get a bran new one… otherwise, we hope now that the new one works for more than five months…

  44. Liz DennisonLiz Dennison

    A great alternative when you’re cooking for two!

    My wife and I live in an old home without central air that gets very hot in the summer, and sometimes using the oven just makes the whole kitchen miserable. We decided to get an air fryer to possibly reduce the heat being generated, and after seeing the features and reviews of the Geek Chef, we decided to try it out. And we have been so happy with our choice! This acts as an air fryer, a regular convection oven, a toaster, and a broiler. So far we have used it to make everything from fresh bread to vegan meatloaf to tuna melts to cookies and more. It really cooks frozen items like french fries or breaded “chicken” cutlets well — they never come out soggy and the flavor is terrific. I have also made fresh-cut fries that have been equally as good.Operation is super-simple, with just four knobs for time, temperature, function and toast darkness. It requires very little pre-heat time when using the air fryer functions. And the large front window and bright interior light make it easy to keep track of your food’s progress.This has been a great addition to our kitchen and I look forward to using it a lot more!

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  45. Anne

    Love this oven

    This oven is small enough to fit on counter. Actually takes less room than my old toaster oven. I’d never used an air fryer before. Very easy to use and very easy to set for air fryer or toaster oven

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    So pleased by this product!!

    I loved my GeekCheff air-fryer/toaster/oven, all in one!! Great dedign and spacious inside! Easy too use and to clean too!! I had to call the provider when the air frier broke. They were quick to answer and addressed my problem like if I was a queen! After I made the claim and provided evidence, they replaced the item!D. Rivera

  47. Bob Jones

    1 Month Test

    After almost 30 days in and pretty much using everyday repeatedly the oven is more than we could ask for. Easy to clean and easy to use. Its a bigger oven than my older one but doesn’t really take up anymore space on the counter. After almost 30 days I am very happy with the purchase.

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  48. Andy MoyAndy Moy

    Great oven and even better company

    Greek Chef is an awesome company! I bought the Greek Chef Air Fryer Toaster Oven in November of 2021 and loved all the functions of the oven, I was able to try many new recipes and it cooked all things beautifully. It was a daily use appliance. The toaster function and air fryer function stopped working in April of 2022 and I contacted Greek Chef customer support through email and after several prompt responses by them on a Tuesday, I received a new over on Saturday! Wonderful oven and even better customer support!

  49. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic Customer Service!

    Bought this Air Fryer and love how easily it cooks our food! The wings come out crispy just how we like them. We were even able to fit a whole turkey in there to air fry over Thanksgiving. Great oven. Most importantly, we did have an issue recently and the Geek Chef Customer Service team responded right away and took care of our problem. Thanks for great customer service.

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  50. Xandir’s mom

    PERFECT TOAST, Finally! Sleek design with eye level controls.

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     I had been frustrated with two toasters that burnt the corners of my toast, or were inconsistent with toasting times and this was a dream come true- The video was a light/medium setting which was perfect for my tastes. ALSO made delicious sweet potatoes slices using the air fryer setting and they came out even and delicious! Money well spent, I can tell I will be using this daily!!

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  51. Joseph

    Great Product

    I really love this toaster oven. We had an older toaster oven for a while and a seperate air fryer. So anytime we had to use the air fryer we had to get it out of the cabinet. I really like having them combined. This allows us to keep it on the counter for easy use. I also like the size. It is big enough I comfortably fit some of our 8×8 baking pans in it for us to bake things for our family. Baking in it allows us to get dinner done faster without having to wait for the larger stove to preheat. Our kids also like turning the light on and watching the food cook.

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  52. James ToddJames Todd

    The best of air fryers and customer service.

    This countertop oven and air fryer is just great. It nearly eliminated our use of the built in large oven. Controls are well marked and easy to understand. But one feature I had not planned on using was their customer service. We had a small issue and when Geek was notified, they immediately sent out a brand new replacement. Their customer service was just great. I look forward to continuing to use ours. It is used nearly twice a day 7 days a week. Can’t say enough good about the oven or their customer service.Jim ToddA WELL satisfied customer.Gadsden Al

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  53. Cornbella

    Love this!

    Had the old style bucket air fryer and wouldn’t use it. Impossible to ever get clean, limited space. This one is fantastic. I confess to using it most for leftovers right now but I love its versatility and space.

  54. Sonora Mues Byrd Hodges

    I love the classic dials vs digital

    I like this one with the dials much better than another brand that was gifted to be for Christmas. I kept one for the house and one for my office. I prefer the dials over the digital buttons because they last longer and looks classier. The buttons on my digital dial air fryer already stopped lighting up after 6 months.

  55. Pat H.

    No 1 appliance in the house

    We are using this multiple times a day. We have used it for baking, air frying, toast over and over again. Very convenient appliance for our household. I love the size because I do not have to turn on my large stove oven to bake a pie, cake, etc now for us. My son uses it to crisp things up that he used to microwave.

  56. Kindle Customer

    Very versatile product

    I have been using this airfryer oven for making healthy snacks like french fries, potato tots, as well as toasting bread and frying hamburger patties. It’s very simple enough and doesn’t take much time to get started cooking healthy dishes.It’s also very easy to clean and I love the modern stainless steel material. Loving it so far!

  57. Roman

    so far so good

    Read the directions. You do need to follow the steps and it will have an odor the first time as you burn off the product that protects the heating elements before regular use. the air fryer function works well, the toasts are perfect and the size is large enough to cook for two or three on a regular basis. The one downside is the knobs are designed in such a way that it is not very easy to see what your setting are.

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  58. Reading Maven

    Works well and looks attractive on our Counter

    We wanted an air fryer as well as an appliance that would toast and cook food rapidly. It does that well and is fairly easy to clean.

  59. Kindle Customer

    There’s some cleaning issues but I love this oven

    I love this oven, let me repeat that, I love this oven.Be careful when you clean the drip pan underneath the bottom heating elements it tends to be a bit bendy so be gentle. The Fry basket will rip your scrubber all the hell use a brush or something. And the marking on the knobs could be a little bit better it’s hard to see in the light you know something neon ink letting you know where the the indicator is. But let me repeat this I love this oven and customer service is a dream

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  60. M. Reid

    look no further!

    extremely happy with this purchase- it fits under my cabinets, so easy to use, the air fryer is awesome…i’d buy this again!

  61. Constance PecoraroConstance Pecoraro

    Go for it! Love mine!

    Absolutely love it! Super efficient in energy. Cooks meat, toast in a flash. The only problem is me and my eye sight. Had to add on sticker gems so I could read the dials.

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  62. sara jenson

    Simple to use, lots of options

    I bought this on Amazon prime day. I chose this model because the dials weren’t a digital panel. I figured this would last longer being analog. It comes with a baking tray a wire rack and airfry basket. I’ve made sweet potato fries with the air fryer, baked a few casseroles (it’s just me and the bf, so perfect for two people…also great in the summer to not heat up the kitchen) and of course, toast. It’s a huge improvement to the ancient toaster oven I had that only toasted on one side. Am happy with this purchase!

  63. Adele Blawat

    Really nice product

    I really like this product. We’ve used it for air frying, toast and warming up take-out. It does get very hot as everyone says so it’s important to have a safe place away from curtains and walls. We didn’t have a problem with the tape residue as some reported, it came off clean and easy. The Toast function is a little slow, but not terrible. It takes 6 minutes to get an engish muffin dark (I like them pretty dark and crispy). I just used that 6 minutes to prep the rest of my breakfast while waiting. The crumb tray and air fryer basket clean nicely. The air fryer works great, but so far we’ve only air fryed frozen chicken tenders. I haven’t used it yet for salmon, fresh chicken and potatoes, but plan to soon.The only negative thing I can think of is the line in the dials are a little hard to see.**UPDATE** Fresh salmon turned out perfectly, 20 min 400 on air fry!

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  64. CYNTHIA Marpel

    I loved it till it broke down in less than a year.

    Loved it purchased in November 2020. It stopped working in May. Have been trying to reach the company and no response. Hopefully they will reach out to me.Company finally sent me a new oven. It worked amazingly till unfortunately it broke down again the toast option stopped working a couple months after purchasing. Could be the model who knows. We are a family of three and don’t use it on a daily basis.

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  65. Artur Selitskiy

    The easiest under warranty replacement I have ever experienced.

    I’ve dealt with a few companies in regards to getting replacement and The Geek is by far the easiest and the quickest! To those that believe an appliance should never break, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL! It happens left and right. Overall we are very happy with the oven. Looks cool and the cooking is hot!

  66. JW in Naples FL

    Fantastic toaster oven combo.

    This is a great combo air fryer toaster oven. it looks great and does what it was designed to do without any issues. 5 star..

  67. A. Oakley

    Great Appliance

    I love this appliance. It does everything and does it all well. It is very quiet, which surprised me. It has also allowed me to get rid of a toaster from my counter. I seldom use my range oven any longer. It also looks beautiful sitting on my counter!

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  68. Marco Polo

    Best thing since sliced bread

    This is the best money i have spent in a while, food is totally different and taste so much better, and cooks so fast,cooked boneless pork ribs in about 20 min, frozen breaded fish patty sandwiches are so good better than what you can get at any fast food joint, hands down the best appliance you can put in your kitchen, if i had the counter space i would buy another one, i promise you will be happy

  69. Lisa Lansford

    Easy and FAST!

    There isn’t t anything I dislike about my GeekChef. I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how fast it actually bakes. Recipes are super way to find on Google. I highly recommend getting one if you have a busy hectic schedule. It will change your life!

  70. DevilMayCareProductions

    Bought for a restaurant and works great

    Bought this air frier as an item to warm up breakfast snacks for a restaurant. Took some tweaking to get the times right but the controls are so simple it was a breeze. Works perfectly and all of our pastries come out great!

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  71. Tracey

    A life hack that actually works out

    This was a holy grail purchase! It’s an appliance I didn’t know I needed until we got it. It’s so much better than a microwave, and making dinner after a long day is a snap. Great value for the money.

  72. SleepyDunes

    We love this!!!

    I got rid of my toaster, this thing is awesome!! I had an air fryer before this, but this one is way better! Easy to use and clean! Cooks/toasts/air fries everything perfectly!! The kids love it too!! Only very minor ‘complaint’ I have is the light turns off when open the door.

  73. Corey Colvin

    Great oven at a great price

    I bought it as a birthday present for my little sister. Her old toaster oven had seen better days! This one not only has all the capabilities of the toaster over, but its also an air fryer! Great to save space with two appliances in one!

  74. Scott D Leventhal

    Great Service and Support

    We have used the machine,all the time as our Toaster, Oven and Air Fryer. The machine works great as advertised.Not a day has gone by, that we haven’t used the machine for breakfast, lunch or dinner.The support staff is very prompt to return any emails, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

  75. CunguCungu

    Easy-to-understand product

    This is an air fryer integrated with the oven. It is simple and easy to use, but the effect is very good. Very easy to clean. Simple self-explanatory control. It is also its common sense to keep it at a good distance from the wall or other electrical appliances. This runs very hot. When the door handle is open, do not touch any place except the door handle. It will burn you to death. The product is equipped with a small light, and there is a special switch to check the progress of the food during use. I use it to bake, air-fry, grill and make a lot of meals easily.

  76. Denise sellars

    Good size

    Love the variety of options. For just me and my husband, we can easily use it as 2nd oven or main oven for meats, breads, roasted veggies, etc. Air fryer option is kind of messy, so I only used that once.

  77. MIMS

    Hot on top while cooking. Small children should be kept away as unit gets hot.

    Love it. Have used it to broil, air fry and toast. Works great food comes out tender and delicious, a breeze to clean.❤️❤️

    43 people found this helpful

  78. Lauren Senn

    I use is everyday!

    Since I bought this I have used it everyday, several times a day! The air fryer is awesome and fast. I am a busy vet student so quick meals are a must. The first thing I tried was some chicken nuggets I had in the freezer and the Air Fryer setting cooked them in less than 15min and they were SO perfectly crunchy! Saved me a ton of time because I did not have to wait for my regular oven to preheat. Tonight I am making homemade air fryer chicken tenders!

    40 people found this helpful

  79. Kailien

    Airfryer is amazing

    We gifted this to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for Christmas. They’ve raced about how much they love it including the air fryer setting.

  80. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Nice quality but the toaster stopped working after 3 months

    Nice size, it fits a lot of toast etc. Good quality. Update: the toaster function stopped working after 3 months. Geek Chef immediately sent a replacement which works fine so far, but it’s only week 1. The top arrived dented.

  81. CB

    Yes! 🤗 Cadillac of Ovens!!!!!

    Oven is Very Nice, Easy to clean 🧽 Bakes Evenly, Nice to have Inside Light 💡 and Safety Shutoff when Door is Open!👍UPDATE!🤗 A Better, Faster version of your old Toaster Oven.UPDATE! A no Brainer that didn’t cross my mind 🥴 AIR FRYER! Herbs 🌿 sprinkled on top of food will be blowing around in oven 🥴 mix herbs in batter or under cheese, sauce etc… The more I use this oven The More I Like It!My only problem is… The factory should heat them up to expel the off gassing, they have the proper safety ventilation.

    17 people found this helpful

  82. TexasDaddy

    Must have in the kitchen

    My wife and I both love to cook, grill, bake, fry, smoke… and we’ve been hearing so many great things about air frying from friends that we finally decided to get on board. So happy we did! Chose this model for both the price and great reviews it’s received. We have absolutely no complaints. It’s a great product at a great price. We love the versatility with all the different cooking options. I would prefer a digital interface for more precise temperature and time controls but I know that would come with a price hike. We’ve cooked at least a dozen times with it in the first month and everything has turned out excellent. Great product.

  83. N. M. Ranahan

    So happy we made purchase.

    Don’t know how we lived without it. Plenty of counter space know that we got rid of other appliances. So shocked at how good steaks are cooked in the air fryer. Only disappointment, we did not receive the cookbook that was supposed to be included.

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